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Yosemite’s Rainbow Waterfall

The light and the wind happened to be just right for Greg Harlow to catch this rainbow emanating from upper portion of Yosemite Falls. Beautiful. The 21-second time lapse version of the video makes the falls look like a rainbow flame . . .

Source: Yosemite’s Rainbow Waterfall

LGBTQ+ Glossary – It Gets Better


Adjective. The acronym for “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender” (sometimes seen as “GLBT”). The plus sign represents the fact that many communities choose to expand the acronym to include other identities. For example, while it is common in the United States to see “LGBT” or “LGBTQ” (for queer), it is more common to see “LGBTI” (for intersex) in Europe.

Words allow us to generate ideas, share stories, and learn and grow from others. They can help us better understand our world and communicate our perspective with others. This glossary can help you…

Source: LGBTQ+ Glossary – It Gets Better

Art Pepper & George Cables – Over The Rainbow – YouTube

HTML Color Codes


Colors – Radiolab

(Adam Cole/WNYC)

Colors – Radiolab.

Livingston Taylor – Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Beautiful horizon rainbow in Paris /

Beautiful horizon rainbow in Paris.

Josef Albers, Homage to the Square / aus unruhigen Träumen

aus unruhigen Träumen.

door screen doused with rain

each tiny square

a rainbow

~ Donna Fleischer