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Snichimal Vayuchil: Writing Poetry in an Endangered Maya Language | Asymptote

Red Rose

Your scent seduces
You are so tender
You are perfect
Little red rose.

Your scent opens
The scent of your being Red rose,
You are beauty itself.

You are amazing
You are exceptional
For being born
Little red rose.

Your leaves open
Red rose
Your essence diffuse
Your flower flowers

They observe your being
You are immanent
You are infinite
They love you for your being.

Artemio Hernández
Paul M. Worley, translator from
bats’i k’op, or Tsotsil Maya

Snichimal Vayuchil 
North Dakota Quarterly 2017


Tsajal Nichim

Amuil toj lek
Ja’ jech toj t’ujomot K’upil atalel
Unin tsajal nichim.

Xmuet amuil Smuil atakupal
Tsajal nichim
Toj lek alekil

Ti atalele lek
Stalelal abektal
Stalelal achiel
Unin tsajal nichim

Xyometxa avanal
Tsajal nichim
Xmuet xa amuil
Umet xa jnichimal

Slamet xa ak’elel
Ja’ ti lek ak’upijel
Lek avutsil
Ta atalel skupinoxuk.

Artemio Hernández

Snichimal Vayuchil |Asymptote

Today’s Haiku (February 1, 2015) | Blue Willow Haiku World (by Fay Aoyagi)

絵の中に赤き花ある二月かな   中西夕紀

e no naka ni akaki hana aru nigatsu kana

            a red flower

            in the painting


                                                Yuki Nakanishi

Fay Aoyagi, translation

from “Haiku Dai-Saijiki” (“Comprehensive Haiku Saijiki”), Kadokawa Shoten, Tokyo, 2006

Today’s Haiku (February 1, 2015) | Blue Willow Haiku World (by Fay Aoyagi).

the lurid red by Donna Fleischer / Cattails Winter 2014

the lurid red
of a Japanese maple,
time to part


– Donna Fleischer
cattailsPremier issue
January 2014


luminous red leaves, a haiku by Donna Fleischer

luminous red leaves

of the Japanese maple

stiff with death

Donna Fleischer


A Saturday Woman Translator: Sheema Kalbasi / poethead

With You by Mehri Rahmani

Your tender revolt
Contained by the illicit apple
Pounds in red
And your eye’s shattered diamond
A woman in seclusion
Revolves into a star
With you
On the surface of water
I am thirsty
Place the skies in your eyes
Blaze out the star
So that I can see you
The sea is peaceful

from : The Seven Valleys of Love, trans Sheema Kalbasi Poet ,
A Bilingual Anthology Of Women Poets from Middle Ages Persia to Present

A Saturday Woman Translator: Sheema Kalbasi. « poethead.