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sometimes we resist by stephen collis |cascadia review

sometimes we resist

by stephen collis


I was      in a park

I could not see
Global capitalism

Its     dinosaur bones
Covered in chrome 

I saw      trees
Their leaves
Turning yellow and
Golden brown

I saw the harbour
And the city set
Down below 
The mountain

A place you’d descend to
Or ascend from

I asked someone
How do we resist?

Consider the trees
Bending in the wind
Their root grip
Deep in the land

Consider the mountain
That does not drift
A little east or west
North or south

But remains a marker
We chart day’s circuits round

I asked
What if they come
With saw teeth
For the trees

With horizontal 
Directional drilling
For pipelines through
Mountain’s immobile heart?

And one there said
Sometimes the voice
Sometimes the voices
Tear teeth from saw’s blades

Sometimes a body
Sometimes all our bodies
Blunt the bits of drills
Dull dollar’s desire

Someone said
Someone just like
You or me

Sometimes we resist

Sometimes we win



sometimes we resist.