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6-31 Translation from Rimbaud / Sean Bonney by martin.gubbins | Martin Gubbins | Free Listening on SoundCloud


Sean Bonney 1969 – 2019


Les Chercheuses de Poux par Arthur Rimbaud – Don Yorty

… My favorite poem by Rimbaud is innocent and sensual; and there are those who would call it repulsive. It’s all about a boy’s sexual […]

Source: Les Chercheuses de Poux par Arthur Rimbaud – Don Yorty

Zeitgeist Spam: With the Noose Around My Neck 56

Sean Bonney, “After Rimbaud (For The Administration)”, “Letter on Poetics (Saturday, June 25, 2011)”, “Letter on Silence (Tuesday, August 30, 2011)”, in All This Burning Earth, at Ill Will Editions;

Source: Zeitgeist Spam: With the Noose Around My Neck 56

Rimbaud’s Litter by Patti Smith | Wadsworth Atheneum


Arthur Rimbaud’s Litter, installation by Patti Smith. Photo by Rena Silverman.

“Curated by the museum’s director Susan Talbott, Patti Smith: Camera Solo, which opened last week, features three rooms of Smith’s photographs. One of the rooms is entirely devoted to Arthur Rimbaud: a recreation of the stretcher he was carried on . . . .” – Rena Silverman, BOMB magazine, 1.7.11

Stricken with painful inflammation in his right knee for twenty days, the 19th-Century French poet Rimbaud hired workers to build a litter on which they carried him for 300 kilometers from Harer to Zeilah in eastern Ethiopia. The journey took twelve days across the desert. He was poor and sick and needed this gentle carrying. But the inflammation was already too far gone. By the time he arrived back in France his right leg had to be amputated and he died on November 10, 1891.

When I visited the Patti Smith: Camera Solo exhibition at the Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, CT, it was her installation, Arthur Rimbaud’s Litter, that moved me most. It was delicately, simply, and starkly constructed. Its scale, materials, and final placement in the room conveyed a truth, a beauty, a love, a poem finally, holding his presence in absence, holding vigil.  – Donna Fleischer

Rimbaud’s Letter to His Mother April 30, 1891

Patti Smith: Camera Solo by Rena Silverman

Arthur Rimbaud


In the House of the Hangman 1904 | Zeitgeist Spam


A NEW POETICS OF DASEIN Jennifer Anna Gosetti-Ferencei | Hyperion on the future of aesthetics


Orpheus by Franz von Stuck, 1891

A NEW POETICS OF DASEIN Jennifer Anna Gosetti-Ferencei

The Story of Orpheus

Lizzy Mercier Descloux – Morning High (Duet with Patti Smith) – YouTube


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BOMBLOG: Patti Smith: Camera Solo by Rena Silverman



BOMBLOG: Patti Smith: Camera Solo by Rena Silverman.

Alfred Corn – Rimbaud’s Last Revelation / the the poetry blog

Rimbaud’s Last Revelation by Alfred Corn

Alex Dimitrov / From the Fishouse


Smoking a cigarette with Rimbaud in Paris

Alex Dimitrov – American Youth: From the Fishouse.