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Tom Clark – Poet, March 1, 1941 – August 18, 2018  | Academy of American Poets

Photo credit: Mark Gould

Source: Tom Clark – Poet | Academy of American Poets


Tom Clark, renowned poet and biographer, dies in Berkeley crash

The Berkeley man who died after being struck by a car while crossing The Alameda at 8:40 p.m. on Friday has been identified by friends as the poet Tom Clark.

Clark had just updated his blog, “Beyond the Pale,” on Friday.

Tom Clark, renowned poet and biographer, dies in Berkeley crash – Berkeleyside


Tom Clark and I discovered each other through our blogs. We granted one another carte blanche in sharing posts and comments. It was to his blog, “Beyond the Pale,” that I increasingly turned over the years for a deeper take on the world as he partnered poems and AP images with a journalistic fervor and original sense of humor even Horace Greeley would have enjoyed. I loved what you did, Tom, and I’m glad that you knew that. – Donna Fleischer, word pond


Aretha Franklin, Indomitable ‘Queen of Soul,’ Dies at 76 – The New York Times



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Lou Reed – Dirty Boulevard

r i p  great-hearted one

RIP Heavy D / Heavy D and The Boyz – Yes Ya’ll

“We have lost one of the most influential and distinctive voices of early hip-hop.”RIP, Heavy D./ boingboing

Elliott Smith – 13

John Haines 1924 –2011 — Solitude and Sincerity / Scott Edward Anderson’s Poetry Blog

John Haines in 1996 (LIN MITCHELL / Daily News file)

If the Owl Calls Again

at dusk from the island in the river, and it’s not too cold, I’ll wait for the moon to rise, then take wing and glide to meet him. We will not speak, but hooded against the frost soar above the alder flats, searching with tawny eyes. And then we’ll sit in the shadowy spruce and pick the bones of careless mice, while the long moon drifts toward Asia and the river mutters in its icy bed. And when the morning climbs the limbs we’ll part without a sound, fulfilled, floating homeward as the cold world awakens.

Solitude & Sincerity: RIP John Haines, 1924–2011

Alaska poet John Haines dead at 86 after fall in Fairbanks