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First Known When Lost: How Little We Know

Once Seen, and No More

Thousands each day pass by, which we,
Once past and gone, no more shall see.

Robert Herrick, Hesperides, Poem 671, in Tom Cain and Ruth Connolly (editors), The Complete Poetry of Robert Herrick, Volume 1 (Oxford University Press 2013).

As I walked beside the flock, I focused my attention on one of the robins.  I believe it was a female, because her breast feathers were a paler orange.  She made her way across the field with her companions, slowly but steadily, pecking the ground, occasionally lifting her head to look around, hopping forwards and sideways, chattering now and then.  I thought of the spark of Life she was.  I suddenly realized that she was this robin, not a robin.  There was nothing else like her in the world.

Source: First Known When Lost: How Little We Know

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two haiku by Donna Fleischer | CT Environmental Headlines

a cup of tea
grows cold on the front walk –
spring morning

robin –
i didn’t recognize you
in the woods


Donna Fleischer

robin –, a haiku by Donna Fleischer |CT Environmental Headlines » Links to all of today’s environmental news headlines in Connecticut.

robin –
i didn’t recognize you
in the woods


Donna Fleischer
CT Environmental Headlines