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Rojava Defends Feminist Revolution Against Turkish Invaders

A Syrian Kurdish woman waves the flag of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) during a demonstration against Turkish threats near the town of Tel Arqam in Syria’s Hasakeh province near the Turkish border on October 6, 2019.DELIL SOULEIMAN / AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

The Turkish assault unleashed deadly violence against civilians and threatens Rojava’s radical democratic project.

Source: Rojava Defends Feminist Revolution Against Turkish Invaders

CrimethInc. : The Threat to Rojava : An Anarchist in Syria Speaks on the Real Meaning of Trump’s Withdrawal

A comprehensive explanation of what Trump’s surprise military withdrawal really means for people in Syria — and what the stakes are on a global scale.

What is happening in Rojava is not anarchy. All the same, women play a major role in society; there is basic freedom of religion and language; an ethnically, religiously, and linguistically diverse population lives side by side without any major acts of ethnic cleansing or conflict; it’s heavily militarized, but it’s not a police state; the communities are relatively safe and stable; there’s not famine or mass food insecurity; the armed forces are not committing mass atrocities. Every faction in this war has blood on its hands, but the People’s Protection Units (YPG/YPJ) have conducted themselves far more responsibly than any other side. They’ve saved countless lives—not just Kurds—in Sinjar and many other places. Considering the impossible conditions and the tremendous amount of violence that people here have been subjected to from all sides, that is an incredible feat. All this stands in stark contrast to what will happen if the Turkish state invades, considering that Trump has given Erdoğan the go-ahead in return for closing a massive missile sale.

Source: CrimethInc. : The Threat to Rojava : An Anarchist in Syria Speaks on the Real Meaning of Trump’s Withdrawal

Rojava at risk « immanence

The Rojava Emergency Committee is asking that U.S. citizens urge their congressional and Senate representatives, as well as Elliot Engel, incoming Democratic chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, not to withdraw from Rojava. Please do that if you care about the largest stateless nation in the world (which happens to be building what’s probably the largest experiment in anarcha-feminist radical eco-democracy history has seen).


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Source: Rojava at risk « immanence