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Livingdying ~ Roland Barthes’s “Mourning Diary” / A Longhouse Birdhouse (12.15.10)


"The day after his mother's death in October 1977, Roland Barthes began a diary of mourning."

(October 26, 1977-September 15, 1979)

October 27

Who knows? Maybe something valuable in these notes?

November 5th

Sad afternoon. Shopping. Purchase (frivolity) of a tea cake at the bakery. Taking care of the customer ahead of me, the girl behind the counter says Voilà. The expression I used when I brought maman something, when I was taking care of her. Once, toward the end, half-conscious, she repeated, faintly, Voilà (I’m here, a word we used with each other all our lives).
The word spoken by the girl at the bakery brought tears to my eyes. I kept on crying quite a while back in the silent apartment.
That’s how I can grasp my mourning. 

Not directly in solitude, empirically, etc.; I seem to have a kind of ease, of control that makes people think I’m suffering less than they would have imagined. But it comes over me when our love for each other is torn apart once again. The most painful point at the most abstract moment… Continue reading

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