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all night by Sabine Miller / R’r 13.2

all night I’ve tried on houses butterflies taste with their feet

Sabine Miller
R’r 13.2

“Orchard” by Kindling Stone

~ thank you, Sabine Miller

~ for all those travelers going home . . . 

New Book of Poems: Sabine Miller’s Circumference of Mercy / Mountains and Rivers Press

Circumference of Mercy Mountains and Rivers Press

Lagunitas Flush

Today the moon. And you?
Dipped my eye in it. Rain

after the rain a walk
in the woods. Trees stand

as the river blossoms salmon.
We wade into the duff to see:

the jacks tussle in the gravel,
the female dips her eggs in it:

thrashes and dips and rolls, digs,
thrashes dips. Have you ever given

anything that utterly? Finally slips

upstream. Idles. Shed her
silver miles ago. That it could

always come to this:
the river pouring through

the empty body.

Sabine Miller
Circumference of Mercy