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Victim of Geography | IDFA

Doug Aubrey – 1999 – Victim of Geography shows the guerrilla of Europe: eco-warriors, squatters, peace marchers, radio pirates, soul surfers, drifters. The filmmakers make a tour from Glasgow to Sarajevo, Zagreb, Budapest, Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam, Northampton and Belgrade, and talk with young people who offer resistance to the establishment. We meet squatters in Amsterdam, Internetters in Zagreb and golfers in Berlin. The thread through the film is their strong commitment to the local community they are part of and at the same time the even greater need to escape from that environment. For example, the boy from Zagreb retires to the World Wide Web, where nobody needs a visa, and the eco-warrior and soul surfer tells about the waves, that are his compelling friends, but also need protection.

Source: Victim of Geography | IDFA

Peepsfest – In celebration of Linus Slug/Tommy Peeps/all things Mendoza

[revolutions on queen street] [stryd manig nines]

we’re amess of eyeliner / chic dole lips

/ for real ,& spray paint at seventeen:

adore your failure

in our future bores sunshine, gonna

burn the claustro- innocence

you will hear

this is a message from occupied england , such deep & sucked corporate slums

:: forecast / soothe, our derelict

strychnine flag scum barc
, poems on credit / injection –lays

heritage a corpse: drill lessons so/ beautiful in sani-

“, condemned / masochist

–– with you i skin sinners


believe. // first world boredom, instantly drain coke/exxon[:] let the spill gorge -ous – donald’s famine / more real in mcthat will bring out freedom to life

, worms

. underneath skies dying

beautiful europe / empty, blue:: is by our dreams baby,, pretty in eye- liner, broken in security,
: fall to the floor / I no longer

in debris / live, we strung out sluts want our own //

every house in the quiet
rot has a conscience , delicate pieces of scream

// write this alone : every dayspit

feels a corridor / fashion’dglitter in feeling well

see liberals pale
, sanctify

are an extinction / is

known a relic
all promise––

shareholding a piece of this applause, icon, postcards, oil -on-canvas, countryfucking / give

a shit / vote conservative / straight

imitation dignity,, tragic
mouths open –

schooled against the soul dismay / feels an o.b.e. sells at market

/ patronise against the soul , close

the pits, misery tours my fossildreams

// anxiety frag -ments your landscape, sleepwrite

this alone if its
real against the soul

– Nat Raha

Source: Peepsfest – In celebration of Linus Slug/Tommy Peeps/all things Mendoza

Vashti Bunyan – Just Another Diamond Day (Full Album) Mega Rare UK Philips Folk LP £1200+ – YouTube

Scottish doctors can now prescribe nature to their patients – Big Think

Since October 5, doctors in Shetland, Scotland have been authorized to prescribe nature to their patients. It’s thought to be the first program of its kind in the U.K., and seeks to reduce blood pressure, anxiety, and increase happiness for those with diabetes, a mental illness, stress, heart disease, and more.There is a whole leaflet of nature prescription suggestions that accompanies the program, filled with amusing, charming, sometimes seemingly off-kilter suggestions: in February, you can make a windsock from a hoop and material to “appreciate the speed of the wind”; in March, you can make beach art from natural materials or “borrow a dog and take it for a walk”; in April, you can “touch the sea” and “make a bug hotel”; in May, you can “bury your face in the grass”; in July, you can “pick two different kinds of grass and really look at them”; in August, you can summon a worm out of the ground without digging or using water; in September, you can help clean the beach and prepare a meal outdoors; in October, you can “appreciate a cloud”; you can “talk to a pony” in November, “feed the birds in your garden” in December, and do so much more. All on doctor’s orders.The evidence for the benefits of nature on mental and physical health are numerous. If you spend 90 minutes of your day outside in a wooded area, there will be a decrease of activity in the part of your brain typically associated with depression. Spending time in nature not only reduces blood pressure, anxiety, and increases happiness, but it reduces aggression, ADHD symptoms, improves pain control, the immune system, and—per a summary of research regarding the health benefits of nature—there’s much more we don’t know and are figuring out every day.

Source: Scottish doctors can now prescribe nature to their patients – Big Think

Jean Redpath – The Winter It Is Past from Songs of Robert Burns

Voice recognition lift (courtesy BBC Scotland) with subtitles…. – YouTube

A Lump of Rock, an Otter and a Secessionist – The New York Times

Hanna Tuulikki’s Air falbh leis na h-eòin | Away With The Birds


About Away With the Birds

From Away With the Birds

Kenneth McKellar Sings “Ae Fond Kiss” with Patricia Cahill


~ from Rita Cummings of Dundee


Jean Redpath Sings Traditional Scottish Song with Accompanying Views from Garrique cottage, Kippen, Scotland

~ Be encouraged. Although the video blacks out mid way, it resumes into a lullaby around five minutes time.