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Scott Metz Haiku 2015 | antantantantant

was one of them




Source: Scott Metz Haiku 2015 | antantantantant

Scott Metz Haiku 2009 | antantantantant

Scott Metz Haiku 2009

February 11, 2020


night bird

enough notes

to fill the sun

Source: Scott Metz Haiku 2009 | antantantantant

a poem by Scott Metz at is/let


Source: is/let

Donna Fleischer’s Haiku Appears in HAIKU 2015 New Anthology from Modern Haiku Press, Illinois

dried up

earthworm ouro-




Donna Fleischer
HAIKU 2015 (Modern Haiku Press)
originally appeared in moongarlic 2


Haiku 2015
Edited by by Scott Metz & Lee Gurga

Modern Haiku Press, 2015

100 notable haiku from 2014 selected by the editors of the award-winning Haiku 21 and

Haiku 2014. With an introduction by the editors.

Perfectbound, 110 pages.

HAIKU 2015 from Modern Haiku Press

Haiku 2014 edited by Lee Gurga & Scott Metz


Cover art: Chris Gordon, Samples from , Mixed Media 2010

“A major impetus of this project was to fill what we saw as a gap in the poetry world:  an annual volume of haiku in English, showcasing  the innovative, the ground-breaking, the experimental. . . . A possible subtitle for this volume could very well be: Directions in English-language Haiku.”

take it off,

no not the red dress the mask

that is the red dress


Donna Fleischer

Bones 2

Haiku 2014 edited by Lee Gurga & Scott Metz.

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