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Home At Least – YouTube


Wow for two great multi-faceted singers, James Brown and Bob Arnold at JAMES BROWN SINGS LITTLE WILLIE JOHN ~ A Longhouse Birdhouse

Here’s a third Wow for Scott Watson, poet, translator, and teacher and our James Brown. – DF


Out of the cage of race, of nationality, by Scott Watson

Out of the cage of race, of nationality,

of ethnic group.

Post-Human at last,

at last can we be however sweet nothing is?

– Scott Watson
May, 2016
Sendai, Japan


Scott Watson – “WHAT EVER” and “THAT’S ALL” – Two New Poems by Scott Watson



Unapologetic for being

insufficiently whatever

this nearly full moon &

I weathering whatever.


A huge and weighty ontological chore

requiring at the very least omniscience.

To grasp The All–given all the ongoing

goings on–the flux–unending changes

–is impossible but this is our life. How

we are ever going to be. Without trying.

– Scott Watson


© Scott Watson. All Rights Reserved.

September 2015
Sendai, Japan

James Brown – Sunny ( Live in Paris )

~ thinkin’ of Cat-Tzu

April New Poems by Scott Watson | Scrib’d.


To realize death

through a poem

get rid of words

get rid of meaning.

Life is all there is.

Poetry asks nothing, needs

nothing. it’s all here as we are

at depths too quiet to believe.

If we listen closely

life will strip naked

Garden of Eden.

– Scott Watson

Scott Watson and Chuang Tzu

“Once upon a time, Chuang Tzu dreamed that he was a butterfly, flying about enjoying itself. It did not know that it was Chuang Chou. Suddenly he awoke, and veritably was Chuang Chou again. He did not know whether it was Chuang Chou dreaming that he was a butterfly, or whether it was the butterfly dreaming that it was Chuang Chou. Between Chuang Chou and the butterfly there must be some distinction. This is a case of what is called the transformation of things.” – C.W. Chan, translation

Is it that we are all dreaming

or we are all being dreamed?

Butterfly that which dreams

you dreams me Chuang-Tzu.

– Scott Watson

Sendai, Japan

bush warbler, o by Issa in English Translation by Scott Watson


bush warbler, o,
perched in pine
pine’s voice


SW (Scott Watson, translation)