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Bashō’s Road, Section 22 – YouTube

Just now I come to the end of Bashō’s Road, section 22, after having listened to Watson’s knowledge, experience, and humor and seen each of the five sessions which precede it and are known altogether and ongoing as “All-Flowing Cottage”. I was with him from his first “Greetings” from his kitchen to his concluding words of Session 22, especially “Boss With the Red Hot Sauce”! Just now I realize that I have taken upon myself another journey, this time with a companion, the first one taken alone, when I first read Sam Hamill’s translation, of Bashō’s incomparable haibun, Narrow Road to the Interior. A good enough one, I was told. Yet, just now, I come to Watson’s translation, “Bashō’s Road”. The title alone signals the rich contextuality brought to the subject, ripe with facts and details of which so many are unaware. Mindbody feel braced by all the elements Watson brings to the subjects. It’s also delightful to experience him in his element: the cat, Princess vocalizing; sunlight through the shoji “enlightening” the right side of his face as he speaks of poetry; breezes through the shoji; incense smoke; pots and pans in the kitchen; sunlight in Sendai; and his resounding, enthusiastic voice. This is not from an altar of cultish worship from which I share what Watson shares here; rather some steadfast kernels of the joy of being alive enough to “drop my existence” as Watson states, and continue on the way toward the all flowing. Can hardly wait for the next sessions, which will be posted here as well at . . . word pond. With thanks.

About Bashō, part 2 – YouTube

About Bashō, part 1 – YouTube

Second session: Santōka. – YouTube

Session 1 – YouTube

Scott Watson tells us about himself as an introduction to his All-Flowing Cottage series on YouTube in which he shares what he has written on Taneda Santōka and Bashō. Hold onto your seats! It’s a glorious ride. – word pond

Morning Poetry Jam Session – YouTube

Scott Watson in Sendai – Second session | YouTube

Scott Watson – April 29, 2020 | YouTube

Scott Watson – from “No Vision Will Tell”


moon a


stars few

street lamps


land so



so little




Scott Watson

No Vision Will Tell, 100 Selected Poems
Bookgirl Press, Sendai, Japan, 2002



My Corona by Chris Mann – YouTube

Hearty thanks to Scott Watson, poet, writer, and teacher, who lived through the ongoing effects of the Earthquake, Tsunami, and Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown of 2011, while at home in Sendai, Japan.