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Woodcut by Bryan Nash Gill / Princeton University Press

Bryan Nash Gill’s sculptures and prints of trees are noble as is the bristlecone pine, both at the origins of it all.  – DF

on signification and nature / aus unruhigen Träumen

aus unruhigen Träumen.

Jorge Costa – untitled sculpture

Helen Frankenthaler | Push Past Abstraction | By Eric Gibson –

Helen Frankenthaler | Push Past Abstraction | By Eric Gibson –

Exhibition of Work by Antonio López / Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

Ventana de noche 1971 – 1980

 Antonio López Exhibition

An Interview with Antonio López

Katharina Fritsch’s Rattenkonig [Rat King] / Matthew Marks Gallery

Rattenkonig 1993 Polyester resin, paint 110 1/4 x 511 3/4 inches; 280 x 1300 cm

Katharina Fritsch

Magdalena Abakanowicz


Magdalena Abakanowicz.

Jeffrey Weiss quote (on Cy Twombly’s sculptures) : “Separating the man…” « Oregon College of Art and Craft Library

Quote on Cy Twombly / Oregon College of Art & Craft Library

Conjectures At Random: phenomenon of becoming

phenomenon of becoming

Form is not static but a phenomenon of becoming.

— Jean Ladrière (Belgian philosopher), quote encountered at Lee Ufan’s retrospective show Marking Infinity at the Guggenheim Museum in October 2011.

Conjectures At Random: phenomenon of becoming.

The MLK Memorial / Art Note



The MLK Memorial | Art Note.