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Autumn Moon Haiku Journal, volume 1:2; Spring/Summer 2018 – 6/10/2018

we wait,
the daimon seed and i,
for planting

Donna Fleischer, USA


breeze on young leaves . . .
a stray dog pawed the future
and left

Kyle Sullivan, Taiwan


Source: Autumn Moon Haiku Journal – Home

Silence, by Gregory Orr / Fiera Lingue


The way the word sinks
into the deep snow of the page.

The deer lying dead
in the clearing,
its head and antlers

The black
seed in its brain
parachuting toward earth.

– Gregory Orr
Burning the Empty Nests

Fiera Lingue

Rain, in Connecticut

thanks to Marya

The Four Steps Required to Keep Monsanto OUT of Your Garden

The Four Steps Required to Keep Monsanto OUT of Your Garden.

Milk Carton Time

Half pint milk cartons, wax wings pulled open at both ends, to form a square. A few spoonfuls of dirt and a seed dropped in. The row of them, along a schoolroom windowsill, half empty and half full. Only our names tell them apart.

Day after day. Nothing happening. We lose interest. “You must water them,” urges our beloved teacher, Mrs. Peters.

yes we water
yes we wait
and still nothing

One morning, though, I glance, and again, at a green fleck dwarfed by a glint of mica when I shift my weight. Flick it with my thumb. Carefully. Return to my seat. Perplexed.

The day is long. Before leaving  for home I  give it a  half hearted check—a muscular arch has breached the dark earth only since morning, its shining new green coil a little sticky to the touch. The suddenness suddenly

thank you bean
thank you milk carton
thank you silence

Donna Fleischer
indra’s net 2003