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Many Genes Influence Same-Sex Sexuality, Not a Single ‘Gay Gene’ – The New York Times

Zeke Stokes, chief programs officer at GLAAD, who was shown the findings several months ago, said, “Anyone who’s L.G.B.T.Q. knows that their identity is complicated and to have science sort of bear that out is a positive thing.”

How Gay Are You? – The New York Times

Greta LaFleur Examines Environmental Histories of Desire – Edge Effects

Baba, Walton Ford, painting

A new book by Greta LaFleur shows how desire was produced alongside taxonomies of plants and racial difference in early British colonial texts.

Source: Greta LaFleur Examines Environmental Histories of Desire – Edge Effects

Against the Couple-Form | LIES Journal


“In this pathetic, stillborn world, we do have feelings. Sometimes we look at someone and think we are in love with them. We must crush the illusion that romance is or will be an avenue for liberation. We must divest from romantic relationships as means through which we might access a better world than this one. In realizing that their economies and conventions are part and parcel of the continuing soft disaster of our lives, we will leave behind all hitherto existing couples. New and perhaps unknown forms of feminist organizing present the only possible frontier for love.


Make love. Anything can be sex. The body is rich and varied in its parts and sensations. So many ecstasies have yet to be felt. Get away from the genital organisation of ‘sexuality.’


Construct autonomous feminist spaces where women produce their own action and discourse. Banish the mediation by men of relationships between women. Prevent a single relationship from alienating oneself from the processes that contribute to liberation and the abolition of capitalism and patriarchy. Let no single bond stand in the way of friendship, organizing, and advancing the interests of the class.

Against the Couple-Form


Source: Against the Couple-Form | LIES Journal



Chris Marker, 2084, via @cavvia

Against Exhaustion | *

Gender and the Apocalypse – The Los Angeles Review of Books

Gender and the Apocalypse – The Los Angeles Review of Books.

Book Details : Nomadic Theory

Book Details : Nomadic Theory.

emergent story by Katie Yates

of dizziness, sexuality & circles around @ streetcorners, city-life, under-explained, trips into, foreclosure, definitiveness, color that is sound for today. 

emergent story by Katie Yates.

‘We Come Elemental’ by Tamiko Beyer, a poetry book review / Lambda Literary


We Come Elemental by Tamiko Beyer / Lambda Literary

John Berger ~and our faces, my heart, brief as photos~ (English Version): #194: December 01, 2010