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John Bloomberg-Rissman: In the House of the Hangman 1731 | Poems and Poetics


John Bloomberg-Rissman In the House of the Hangman

What is there to know? a haibun by Sonam Chhoki | A Hundred Gourds

Sonam Chhoki – Bhutan

What is there to know?


Clinic window. Hole in the clouds. Late winter sun melts icicles on the eaves. Drip, drip, drip blood and saline down clear long tubes. Against the white sheet the violet of bruised veins, name on a tag in black. Each heartbeat measured on the echocardiogram, in ticks and notes on charts by the foot of the bed.

Slowly thoughts empty . . .

cave temple —
leaving my shadow
at the sun-lit mouth


A Hundred Gourds.

Robert Desnos: I Am a Shadow |TOM CLARK: Beyond the Pale

The Last Poem

I’ve dreamed so much of you
Walked so much
Talked so much made love to your shadow
So much that there’s nothing left of you
What is left
Of me is a shadow
Among shadows but 100
Times more shadowy than the rest
A shadow that will come
To rest
In your life in which the sun
Is so much

— Robert Desnos



ice cold moon, a haiku by Donna Fleischer | CT Environmental Headlines

ice cold moon
frog shadow

– Donna Fleischer
CT Environmental Headlines 

Lentement, Mademoiselle performed by Django Reinhardt with Film Footage from “Mary’s Birthday” by Lotte Reiniger, 1951.

Hinamatsuri 2012 – Girls’ Day in Japan / Vitro Nasu

Thank you,Vitro Nasu, for lifting me, lustrously, like a flower, up, up, on wings of color, with fanciful Sunday thoughts of ~ how Joe Brainard would have delighted at this conglomeration of sound and sight; of how Henry Darger armed his Vivian Girls with swords and numbers; of Frank O’Hara’s red cellophaney poem; a small glass of Dr. Pepper for me, please; Nana straining upward at the window shadow of J. M. Barrie’s little white bird; at the drawing down of the night and the tinkerbell morning wings, opening their petals, the sun’s mirror; and somewhere in there the songs and every color feather of the peaceful birds in Mexico City and Cortez, burning everything to the ground; Roethke at Woodlawn, the size of a snail, the sound of a bug, it goes like this; and even safety in a dangerous world, right Issa?, because of poets, artists all.  ~ DF

3 times, a haibun by Jim Kacian

3 times

i drift into the cove, paddle athwart the kayak, silent, motionless each time at exactly the same point the kingfisher retreats from its perch mid-river to the shore and out of sight as though i am possessed of an aura which it alone can see, its least contact odious . . .

some of the shadow
on the moon
is me

Jim Kacian
Contemporary Haibun Online 7:4

je est un autre by lawrence durrell | poem of the week

je est un autre by lawrence durrell | moon in the water

untitled b&w infrared photograph by Stasja Voluti with a haiku by Donna Fleischer

cold sun
the crow calls to
its shadow

untitled b&w infrared photograph© Stasja Voluti

Every Shadow Is Her Dream : The Photography of Stasja Voluti

Presence documents – Sohrab Mohebbi / —Qui.Enter Atlas 2011

05- Heart of Thich Quang Duc

Presence documents – Sohrab Mohebbi [the curatorial & the shadow]

Luce, by Stasja Voluti

Luce, by Stasja Voluti

Every Shadow Is Her Dream