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Autumn Light / C a f é o l o g Ÿ

Autumn Light | C a f é o l o g Ÿ.

I delighted in this play of human hand, leaf, light, shadow and musical notes. How open the hand remains even though it occasionally tries to grasp, clutch at, to possess the moment, the perhaps, even with a little nonchalance. In these flickering capricious gestures of the hand, I begin to dream of Giacometti’s Hands Holding the Void (1934),  ~ yours truly, df

Dietmar Tauchner / snowfall

dense snowfall
the world’s
white shadow

Dietmar Tauchner
DailyHaiku 2010

Adam Fuss: New Works /

New Works by Adam Fuss

The Perseids of August 14, 2010

The peak of the Perseids meteor shower for viewing is 8 pm until midnight .

“A whirling light on the slopes of rushes . . . the dew of evening and the sweat of the stars are paired . . . in the avalanche of milk from the fierce stars . . . The last hem of the breezes, there where the pheasant of the moon flees and dies . . .  Thus do ships lie down in the silver storm . . . It is in the sweet escape called the future, an escape that is always possible, that the stars that until now have bent over our distress are resorbed . . . the shadow of trees, the whirling shadow of dust, to come to grips with our shadow . . . my eyes were only a shadow-theater.”

– André Breton