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Víkingur Ólafsson – Debussy: La fille aux cheveux de lin, Preludes Op.1, No.8 – YouTube

Janelle Monáe – Turntables [Emotion Picture] – YouTube

What have they done to the rain? and from the ashes of the old. | furbirdsqueerly

Words and music by Malvina Reynolds; copyright 1962 as “Rain Song” then in 1964 as “What Have They Done to the Rain” by Schroder Music Company, renewed 1990. a.k.a. “Rain Song” and “Just a Little Rain.” People now think of this as a song about acid rain, but it was originally written as part of a campaign to stop aboveground nuclear testing, which was putting strontium-90 in the air, where it was washed down by the rain, got into the soil and thence to the grass, which was eaten by cows. When children drank the cow’s milk the strontium-90, chemically similar to calcium but radioactive, was deposited in their bones. Mothers saved their children’s baby teeth and sent them in to be tested by scientists who indeed found elevated levels of strontium-90 in their teeth. A year after this song was written, President Kennedy signed the treaty against aboveground testing.

We are reminded of this song today when it is raining and more rain coming. We need the rain as it has been dry and there is a drought in this area. In so many places the people our earth needs rain. We listen to the rain hitting our metal roof on the porch and think back to when we first heard this song. It was when Anne came back to town for a visit telling us all about the Ban the Bomb March she had been on, and her and others sitting outside during an air raid drill. Anne and her brother attended one of our Sunday afternoon neighborhood sing-a-longs and Anne borrowed Peters guitar and sang this song.

Malvina Reynolds wrote this song in 1962 and nothing has really changed. The big boys who were responsible for the above ground testing of nuclear testing are now involved with more destruction of the planet and its people all in the name of their real god, $$$$$. Don’t let them fool you. When, for god sakes when will we be able to get rid of the big boys as they continue to destroy and put the earth and its people in jeopardy? Somehow in all of this they will fail. They will be brought down hopefully never to rise again from the ashes of the old world.

Source: What have they done to the rain? and from the ashes of the old. | furbirdsqueerly

Aretha Franklin ‘Change Gonna Come’ Tribute – YouTube

Have adored Aretha, since first discovering her when I was a high school sophomore. She transforms this song. Didn’t think Sam Cooke’s version could be bested. She transformed every song she sang. – word pond  

Bonny At Morn – YouTube

The Best Way | Grandy’s Landing



Why that way, towards the hills,

towards that blinding line as the sun sets,

skein after skein, honking?

Why not out across the sea?

I walk the Old Quay, wondering.


Waders cry in the flashing fire of the saltmarsh.

The glowing sandstone of the low wall

thrums with ancient knowledge.

Yet it is in your high-altitude honking

I find an answer:


Instinct, trust in instinct, it’s the best way…


I take her hand in mine

and we sing.


Paul Beech

Copyright © Paul Beech 2020

Source: The Best Way | Grandy’s Landing

Singing nightingale. Amazing bird song. – YouTube

Marilyn Nelson reads her poem, “I Hear the Earth’s Peoples Singing” – YouTube

My Corona by Chris Mann – YouTube

Hearty thanks to Scott Watson, poet, writer, and teacher, who lived through the ongoing effects of the Earthquake, Tsunami, and Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown of 2011, while at home in Sendai, Japan.

Coronavirus outbreak: Italian residents join together to sing from balconies during lockdown – YouTube