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Soak It In | A Longhouse Birdhouse


thanks to Soak It In at A Longhouse Birdhouse


Irene Kral – Small Day Tomorrow

grazie, Marina




Melissa Aldana Trio – Without a Song

Emmanuel Jessie Kalusian’s Power Outage – Haiku Commentary

power outage—
the neighbourhood cicada
bursts into a song

Creatrix, #31, 2015
© Emmanuel Jessie Kalusian (Nigeria)

Source: Emmanuel Jessie Kalusian’s Power Outage – Haiku Commentary

Barbra Streisand sings ‘ When the sun comes out ‘ – YouTube

Sunnny (3) – Johnny Lytle – vengodalmare

* in coperina  Chris Killip

Source: Sunnny (3) – Johnny Lytle – vengodalmare

Mandy Patinkin – Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? – YouTube

~ gratitude to vengodalmare