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The Essential Mundanity of Grief | Hazlitt

I don’t know where or when I learned that I needed to curb any narcissistic tendency I might feel, even in grieving, but I most certainly caught on quick.

Source: The Essential Mundanity of Grief | Hazlitt

Donovan – Laleña

Joshua Redman 4Tet – Sweet Sorrow [1994]


Peter, Paul and Mary – Moments Of Soft Persuasion (Late Again – 1968)

LYNN BEHRENDT: Как-то даже грустно стало

LYNN BEHRENDT: Как-то даже грустно стало.

Ruth Stone, poet, has died / The New York Times

Ruth Stone at her daughter's house in Ripton, Vt., in 2002. Paul O. Boisvert photo

Ruth Stone, a Poet Celebrated Late in Life, Dies at 96

Didn’t realize she’d grown that old, riding the Greyhound bus . . . . Her poems span generations — from Cheap: “I didn’t know I wasn’t free” and Illinois “Blue as a young pig’s eyes” and “the accordian pleated space” of As Now to Eden, Then and Now. She lost her eyesight eventually, never her vision, her ability to scrape surfaces down to rot or gemstone. We are so fortunate she lived and wrote this long. ~ yours truly, df