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it is the sound, a haiku by Yoshiko Yoshino

it is the sound
of two white plates touching
autumn night

Yoshiko Yoshino
from budding sakura: haiku of Yoshiko Yoshino
Deep North Press 2000

Rhizomatic Audiocasting :: Liftoff ~ Exit Strata Is a Verb with Lynne Desilva-johnson & Company

This nearly hour-long video with Lynne Desilva-johnson & Company is broadcasting exponentially exciting, ideas including transparency, “life pack” bundles of technology and the arts vis-a-vis Robert Rauschenberg, integrity of independent, business-free social media, a re-visioning of  Mechanical Turk, safety and self-preservation in online communication, avant-garde collaboration . . . well, you get the picture.  ~ Donna Fleischer

Rhizomatic Intentcasting and Cocreative Support :: Live Broadcast with links, notes, minutes and intentions for modelling ~ your own online newspaper

Listening to the Stars, Literally /

leaf, Orion

Listening to the Stars, Literally / NYTimes