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▶ CoquiWalk by ecopoetics

“A night walk on a road at the edge of the rainforest in Costa Rica (El Yunque), after a rain storm: coqui frogs, insects, water, humans. February 2009. Monaural recording.”

▶ 13 The Bronze Sounding by 3CW Palimpsest

An Introduction: Barbara Mor | Lemon Hound

At Yale recently, I gave a reading accompanied by two graduate students. One of them, Edgar Garcia, started his reading by introducing a poet he said that he had discovered in submissions and had since found, met, interviewed and published. Her name was Barbara Mor. She passed away this year, but not before she found an audience and published two books, and not before someone recorded her reading (you’ll find that posted below).


This is the poetry of someone outside the safety net of the Academy. Outside poetry communities and social media. Outside the economics of lyricism. It’s a voice direct from the body. And what price? What price? What price motherhood? Poet? Visionary? I’ll leave the last word for her. You can hear Mor reading below. – Lemon Hound

Source: An Introduction: Barbara Mor | Lemon Hound

A Yellow Leaf by Ariana Reines

A Yellow Leaf

Ariana Reines

It’s shivering
Like a little lady rattling her bell
Calling for tea
Quivering in the old style

There’s a red light in Boston
At the close of day
Like the red light of idiocy
All along the bricks
Of Harvard Yard & a blue
Sky so hard & irradiated
In the way of old cinema
Whose screens
Reflect the pops & black
Rot spattered
As though it were something
Perhaps nice
As if to say please
No extra charge
Visualize now the idea of your blind spot
I will even do it for you
As the physical reel unspools
& unspools & you blink
In a dark
Room narrow with shadows
Narrow shadows like avant-gardes

It was a dream that woke up
The Fall

It really is something
A sick feeling
Like stopping lying
A dangerous feeling
Like giving up trying to live as though you were otherwise

As though my mouth could water along the split
Waistlines of all the apricot colored squashes
As though the real pumpkins, horns
Of plenty at my hearth
& in my wealth, my death
Were visibly grinning
Thru the rosebud lip of womanhood
Behind which all the women
I really am (they claim)
Hide behind my face & do their flips
Behind my teeth
In the red darkness there
In my potions
In my chemicals
In the mouth I never use
In my poisonous mouth




Source: A Yellow Leaf by Ariana Reines

Poet creates first class for transgender poetry

Trace Peterson, poet, author, and editor

Poet creates first class for transgender poetry.

▶ Stage Boundary Songs – a mix by DJ Rupture, Filastine, & Nova Ruth by djrupture

▶ Stage Boundary Songs – a mix by DJ Rupture, Filastine, & Nova Ruth by djrupture.

Houston poet, Melissa Studdard, reads her poems & talks about the cosmos, motherhood & the transformative power of poetry | Houston Public Library


Poet Melissa Studdard (photo used with her permission).

Melissa Studdard | Houston Public Media


▶ All The Kings Horses – Jasmine Dreame Wagner – ROUGH MIX/IN PROCESS by jasminedreame

Jasmine Dreame Wagner

▶ All The Kings Horses – Jasmine Dreame Wagner – ROUGH MIX/IN PROCESS by jasminedreame.

Jasmine Dreame Wagner will read March 16, 2015 at

▶ Mary Oliver reads from Blue Horses by brainpicker

▶ Mary Oliver reads from Blue Horses by brainpicker.

Björk | Ecology Without Nature


Björk  Photograph: Rex Features

Björk | Ecology Without Nature