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A Longhouse Birdhouse: RE-READING GEORGE OPPEN ~

Waking Who Knows


the great open

doors of the tall

buildings and the grid

of the streets the seed

is a place the stone

is a place mind

will burn the world down alone

and transparent

will burn the world down tho the starlight is

part of ourselves

George Oppen
Black Sparrow Press, 1978




Source: A Longhouse Birdhouse: RE-READING GEORGE OPPEN ~

is/let – haiku by Rebecca Lilly


Source: is/let

Joy of missing out – Ana Božičević – vengodalmare

Locus solus

I remember as when we trusted each other
We hay the possibility of a tree
It was neat to vibe like a newly discovered god
Whose places of service
Had not been imagined yet
But we tried
We said disco wood
Friend bonfires
And it was easy to spot them in the night summer air
That gathered like the perfect soundtrack
I still hear
Piped in from a small wound
In the side of my mountain
When I’m happy I know I’m in a poem


da Joy of missing out –
Ana Božičević

Source: Joy of missing out – Ana Božičević – vengodalmare

sleeve (無為 – daoism and inhabiting porosity – FOP (friends of the pleistocene)


inhabiting porosity | fop

Ethics | The MIT Press

The boundary of a contemporary art object or project is no longer something that exists only in physical space; it also exists in social, political, and ethical space.

Source: Ethics | The MIT Press

René Char, Living in globes. The childish ambition of the… | Mythology of Blue

Living in globes. The childish ambition of the poet is to become someone living in space. Contrary to what he was intended to do. His first poetic operation: to submit to the invasion of himself, to combine his emotions, his pleasures in love, this side of the hidden excrement of their object, to withdraw himself by divine right from general oblivion, to dismantle himself without destroying himself.

René Char, from Moulin premier (via 50watts

)Mythology of Blue : Living in globes. The childish ambition of the….

because of a story in which the mother by Katie Yates

because of a story in which the mother by Katie Yates.

Heimat ! ¡ by Donna Fleischer & John Berger ~ and our faces, my heart, brief as photos ~ (English Version) #149


The term home (Old Norse Heimr, High German heim, Greek komi, meaning “village”) has, since a long time, been taken over by two kinds of moralists, both dear to those who wield power. The notion of home became the keystone for a code of domestic morality, safeguarding the property (which included the women) of the family. Simultaneously the notion of homeland supplied a first article of faith for patriotism, persuading men to die in wars which often served no other interest except that of a minority of their ruling class. Both usages have hidden the original meaning.

Originally home meant the center of the world – not in a geographical, but an ontological sense. Mircea Eliade has demonstrated how home was the place from which the world could be founded. A home was established, as he says, “at the heart of the real.” In traditional societies, everything that made sense of the world was real; the surrounding chaos existed and was threatening, but it was threatening because it was unreal. Without a home at the center of the real, one was not only shelterless, but also lost in non-being, in unreality. Without a home everything was fragmentation.

Home was the center of the world because it was the place where a vertical line crossed with a horizontal one. The vertical line was a path leading upwards to the sky and downwards to the underworld. The horizontal line represented the traffic of the world, all the possible roads leading across the earth to other places. Thus, at home, one was nearest to the gods in the sky and to the dead in the underworld. This nearness promised access to both. And at the same time, one was at the starting point and, hopefully, the returning point of all terrestrial journeys. – John Berger


the first burst of

upward lashes

lips brow nostril

ear of


heimat ! ¡

– Donna Fleischer
January 27, 2015




Maisonneuve | On Kate Zambreno’s Heroines, Being Too Much and Taking Up Space


Maisonneuve | On Kate Zambrenos Heroines, Being Too Much and Taking Up Space.

Physicists Discover Geometry Underlying Particle Physics | Simons Foundation

Illustration by Andy Gilmore

Artist’s rendering of the amplituhedron, a newly discovered mathematical object resembling a multifaceted jewel in higher dimensions. Encoded in its volume are the most basic features of reality that can be calculated — the probabilities of outcomes of particle interactions.

Physicists Discover Geometry Underlying Particle Physics | Simons Foundation.