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Naples and Hartford in Season: Fountain at Hartford’s Municipal Building

The fountain outside Hartford’s municipal building was gleaming when I passed by. I put it in the center of the image.  Is that OK with you?

Source: Naples and Hartford in Season: Fountain at Hartford’s Municipal Building

Helen’s footsteps
morning, noon, and  night,
no matter the season

Donna Fleischer
September 30, 2017



My Old Soul

My old soul has sung before.
It has lain many hands in mine;
I reach for yours, and link it to he
who needs. He stands in Bergen-
Belsen in the rain, waiting his turn
to expire. He takes hands he cannot
save and sighs and breathes
the gas. He is a petal;
I see inside his heart. I love you as
he and they who follow down
the stairs. My hand takes yours and hers
and his. Be careful of their souls, they
are little suns. They rise in me and flame
the sanctuary where we stand, betrothed.

Charles Bane Jr
(The Indian Diary Blog, Bombay)