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Sly and the Family Stone – Everybody is a Star

Josephine Foster – “All I Wanted Was The Moon”

Stevie Wonder – Another Star

A star comes down through the ceiling and into the room where we are reading and writing together. | Was Jack Kerouac A Punjabi?

"Weather" Olafur Eliasson's installation at the Tate Modern

“Weather” Olafur Eliasson’s installation at the Tate Modern

A star comes down through . . . . Bhanu Kapil

Winter Pond by Jang Seok-Nam


I walk across a frozen pond.
Here is where the water-lilies were.
Under here was the black rock where the catfish would hide.
Occasionally a cracking sound as if it is splitting
as love grows deeper.

All the irises are bent over.
My shoulders, knees, feet, that all summer long I saw reflected, sitting on this rock, have frozen like the irises.
They too show no sign of having watched the reflection of something before this.
Although the fourteenth-day moon comes in its course, icily
all remain silent.

Suppose someone comes along,
loud steps treading on the pond,
and addresses me anxiously, saying:
“This is where I used to be.”
“This is where that star used to come.”

Jang Seok-Nam
(translated from Korean by Brother Anthony of Taize)

A Saturday Woman Translator: Sheema Kalbasi / poethead

With You by Mehri Rahmani

Your tender revolt
Contained by the illicit apple
Pounds in red
And your eye’s shattered diamond
A woman in seclusion
Revolves into a star
With you
On the surface of water
I am thirsty
Place the skies in your eyes
Blaze out the star
So that I can see you
The sea is peaceful

from : The Seven Valleys of Love, trans Sheema Kalbasi Poet ,
A Bilingual Anthology Of Women Poets from Middle Ages Persia to Present

A Saturday Woman Translator: Sheema Kalbasi. « poethead.

work break –

my  smoke ring

’rounds a star


~ Donna Fleischer
November 3, 2009