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stars and starfish at MUTTS Daily Email

Source: MUTTS Daily Email

C. Monteverdi “Sfogava con le stelle” R. Alessandrini & Concerto Italiano – YouTube

The Night of San Lorenzo by Johannes S. H. Bjerg | the other bunny


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Johannes S. H. Bjerg


Source: The Night of San Lorenzo | the other bunny

Instant Karma – John lennon

Jane Ira Bloom – Lost In The Stars (w/ Fred Hersch, Charlie Haden & Ed Blackwell)

Mainichi Annual Selection 2014 - 毎日新聞

Jan. 1, 2014
deep inland night
not one of the winter stars

— Bruce Ross (Bangor, ME, USA). Posted 5 times in 2014.

Comment:**Bruce Ross, a master of haiku in English, has been the face of the Mainichi “Haiku in English” column for many years. His haiku reflects the tranquility of his mind and the haiku scenes are beautifully constructed.

Oct. 14, 2014
the moon
will soon be here—
i open the window

— Abraham Freddy Ben-Arroyo (Haifa, Israel). Posted 3 times.

Comment:* Kindly enough.

July 8, 2014
sparrow’s song
always close
to the edge

— Tyrone McDonald (Brooklyn, NY, USA). Posted 4 times.

Comment:* This is surely a result of “awareness practice.”

Nov. 6, 2014
flash of lightning
within a second
honest faces

— Goda V. Bendoraitiene (Klaipeda, Lithuania). Posted 4 times.

Comment:** “Honest” has life in this haiku.

Dec. 8, 2014
Morning chill
Silence absorbing into
Wood cutting sound

— Toshio Matsumoto (Osaka, Japan). Posted 5 times.

Comment:** Excellent, especially the second and the third lines with two phases of sound.

Annual Selection 2014 - 毎日新聞.

Peter Paul and Mary, Tiny Sparrow

from “3 Bewildered Landscapes” by Joanna Klink |

from “3 Bewildered Landscapes”

Joanna Klink
STARS, SCATTERSTILL. Constellations of people and quiet.

Those nights when nothing catches, nothing also is artless.

I walked for hours in those forests, my legs a canvas of scratches,

trading on the old hopes—we were meant to be lost. But being lost

means not knowing what it means. Inside the meadow is the grass,

rich with darkness. Inside the grass is the wish to be rooted, inside the rain

the wish to dissolve. What you think you live for you may not live for.

One star goes out. One breath lifts inside a crow inside a field.



Copyright © 2014 by Joanna Klink. Used with permission of the author.

from “3 Bewildered Landscapes” Joanna Klink |

Review of Wang Ping’s Ten Thousand Waves | Control Literary Magazine


Review of Wang Ping’s Ten Thousand Waves | Control Literary Magazine.

Blanqui’s Eternity by the Stars: An Astronomical Hypothesis | HTMLGIANT


Eternity by the Stars: An Astronomical Hypothesis | HTMLGIANT.