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The data behind Hollywood’s sexism | Stacy Smith – YouTube

Dr. Stacy Smith, one of the creators of the inclusion rider, spoke at TEDWomen in 2016 about the epidemic of invisibility in Hollywood. She uses hard data to break down how women and minorities are not just underrepresented in film, they’re erased, and just how pernicious this is for all of us.

Source: The data behind Hollywood’s sexism

poet stories by Katie Yates


Where the grocery list reads: laundry detergent & soup, the youngests’ birthday gift (Old Navy), later, rent a place where the drains work and where the schools are small and where you might have a place to keep your things, be able to find a pen, run, run behind paving vehicles while the children watch t.v., apply for work in central Connecticut not knowing how you’ll get there thinking that maybe well obviously it’s better to sing like Norah Jones.

poet stories by Katie Yates.

Cuba in Splinters | OR Books


Cuba in Splinters | OR Books.

September 16, 2013 | Fay’s Haiga

September 16, 2013 | Fay’s Haiga.

John Berger reads from “Bento’s Sketchbook” at the British Library

~ thanks be to Stephen Persing of Art Note for telling me of this video

Margaret Atwood on Why We Tell Stories / Big Think

Chimamanda Adichie: “The danger of the single story”

~ many thanks to the poet, Tyrone McDonald, for sharing this & teaching me ~ df