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November 2016 – Haiku Commentary

dance crabs
under the full moon
until you become a skeleton

© Kaji Aso (1936-2006) (Japan)

Source: November 2016 – Haiku Commentary

The Art of Haiku Its History Through Poems and Paintings by Japanese Masters, by Stephen Addiss

it’s here
Shambhala Publications 2012

 I have read poems, sumi-e paintings, and scholarly work on the haiku by Stephen Addiss, the most recent being Shambhala’s 2009 Haiku An Anthology of Japanese Poems, with Fumiko Yamamoto and Akira Yamamoto. Addiss thinks and writes as clearly as lake water seen through to the bottom, and all things submerged and swimming there cohere. Gratitude to A Longhouse Birdhouse for announcing the publication of this new book by Addiss.

Journeys in Japan – Suzuka, City of Calligraphy

~ with delighted thanks to Taro Kunugi

265. Twelve Fragrances and Twelve Contacts / 365 ltrs


the lips
of rose
petal the
hips of
rose bush
so she
is named
rose as
a rose
who rose
with sun
and set
with night


365 ltrs.

Sympathy (Iris & Butterfly) Sumi-e / Origa Kankodori Press

~ from Origa Kankodori Press

The butterfly seems to have discovered a bit of itself in the yellow of the iris, with the body language, so to speak, of its approach. ~ yours truly, df