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The Last Eight Minutes: Everything We take to be a Constant is Changing on Vimeo


“What is the I that sees through eight-minute old light?”

– smudge studio

【やくしまじかん】縄文杉 – YouTube

A Japanese poet friend stated that this is about “Cedar trees  . . . [and]
the blooming grass-flowers that need sunshine, a parasite plant, on top of the tree . . . . Indeed you feel something so special to meet the tree the oldest ones more than 2,000 years at the least.” – word pond

Two Girls Against the Rain | IDFA

Sopheak Sao – 2012 – It’s raining when the camera visits the humble dwelling of two Cambodian women who met in the 1970s while the Khmer Rouge was in power. They have been lovers ever since. Both in their late fifties, Soth Yun and Sem Eang tell their story without bitterness, but there is great pain beneath their words. Nobody wanted to believe that two women would be able to support themselves, and they have had to overcome the hostility of their families. Today they feed nephews, nieces and their grandchildren, while also taking care of a blind and physically handicapped sister. But they are still waiting for official recognition from the village authorities. The depth of history, sorrow and love captured unsentimentally in these 10 minutes is a valuable contribution to the gay emancipation debate in Cambodia. The film concludes with the observation that while King Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia expressed support for same-sex marriage in 2004, no such law has yet been drafted.

Source: Two Girls Against the Rain | IDFA

Scott Metz Haiku 2009 | antantantantant

Scott Metz Haiku 2009

February 11, 2020


night bird

enough notes

to fill the sun

Source: Scott Metz Haiku 2009 | antantantantant

Earth at Perihelion, Sharing Tea with the Sun (Tea in the Dark #3) | FOP

Ayano Matsumae, Albumen print on Gampi paper, San Lorenzo, NM, 2018

Source: Earth at Perihelion, Sharing Tea with the Sun (Tea in the Dark #3) | FOP

This Watery Sun | Burn The Water

Late this morning through into early afternoon we walk. Out from the back of the house up into Woodhouse and then to Quorn.. back home through Woodthorpe.

this watery sun
an elderly Chinese man
sings into the mist

He has a little girl with him about three years old. His voice is strong. Years later she will remember walking hand in hand with her grandad in the English countryside his voice ringing out in Chinese for her, the birds, the sheep and the trees.

Paul Conneally
February 2019

Source: This Watery Sun | Burn The Water

“And Yet it Moves”: Galileo’s echo, 400 years later | FOP

image by Copernicus, Library of Congress

Source: “And Yet it Moves”: Galileo’s echo, 400 years later | FOP

“Idiopathic Illness” a New Poem by Meghan O’Rourke”Idiopathic Illness” a New Poem by Meghan O’Rourke | Literary Hub

Idiopathic Illness

I threw hollowed self at your robust,
went for IV drips, mercury detoxes, cilantro smoothies.
I pressed my lips to you, fed you kale, spooned down coconut oil.
I fasted for blood sugar, underboomed the carbs,
chased ketosis, urine-stripped and slip-checked.
Baked raw cocoa & mint & masticated pig thyroids.
You were contemporary, toxic, I can’t remember what you were,
you’re in my brain, inflaming it, using up the glutathione.
I read about you on the Internet & my doctor agreed.
Just take more he urged & more.
You slipped into each cell. I went after you with a sinking inside
and medical mushrooms for maximum oom, I plumbed
you without getting to nevermore. O doom.
You were a disease without name, I was a body gone flame,
together, we twitched, and the acupuncturist said, it looks difficult,
stay calmish. What can be said? I came w/o a warranty.
Stripped of me—or me-ish-ness—
I was a will in a subpar body.
I waxed toward all that waned inside.


Megan O’Rourke


Source: “Idiopathic Illness” a New Poem by Meghan O’Rourke | Literary Hub

Barbra Streisand sings ‘ When the sun comes out ‘ – YouTube

NeverEnding Story: One Man’s Maple Moon: Thousand Leaves and Hundred Butterflies Tanka by Mark Gilbert

English Original

a thousand leaves
twinkle in the breeze
a hundred butterflies
wait for the sun
to warm their wings

Time Haiku, 32, August 2010

Mark Gilbert

Source: NeverEnding Story: One Man’s Maple Moon: Thousand Leaves and Hundred Butterflies Tanka by Mark Gilbert