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CAConrad / Poetry Society of America Interview with the Poet


PSA Interview of CAConrad


CAConrad / Two Poems from “The Book of Frank” (Wave Books, 2010)

“I’m here for the show” the man said
looking under Frank’s shirt for the door

“I’m no theater” Frank said

a line formed

must he admit them all?

many had umbrellas

a blind woman
waited with
her dog

“it’s gonna be a great show” someone said
“but when’s he gonna let us in?”

Frank’s tears began to fall

someone ripped his doors open

they filled him for an hour



“is no one else

SICK of this

paralysis of


Frank asks


“when I was a boy

I stepped into the sky

and I was a boy

not a surrealist!


part of the dream

is that you accept

your waking life as

part of the dream.”