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Lorine Niedecker’s ‘Lake Superior’ — Rhetoric of the everyday | Jacket2

“Looking Out to the River,” Lorine Niedecker, Blackhawk Island, WI, March 1966 (image courtesy of the Fort Atkinson Historical Society).

” . . . poetry is especially important as a mode of inquiry; it accepts the necessity of mood to make sense of experience. Mood establishes a particular kind of bond between author and reader.”  – Martha Nussbaum

Rhetoric of the everyday | Jacket2.

Alan Summers :: this small ache . . . a one-line haiku

this small ache and all the rain too robinsong

 Alan Summers
Modern Haiku, 44.1
winter/spring 2013

Thanks Donna, as I’m pleased that the hard work done to pare this actual experience down to a haiku paid off. The robinsong was during January and was in fact robin subsong, rarely heard unless you are a few inches away from the European Robin. – Alan Summers

Amazement of the ordinary – life through a haiku lens: Alan Summers at TED x Bradford on Avon

Ordinary Earth / A Longhouse Birdhouse

A Longhouse Birdhouse.