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The Last Eight Minutes: Everything We take to be a Constant is Changing on Vimeo


“What is the I that sees through eight-minute old light?”

– smudge studio

‘Sunshine Sento Sake’ Is the Next Best Thing to Being in Tokyo – Eater

Skip work. Take a bath. Drink a beer. Eat some snacks. Repeat.

Source: ‘Sunshine Sento Sake’ Is the Next Best Thing to Being in Tokyo – Eater

Long Long Time – Melanie – YouTube

two by Mel Elberg | The Brooklyn Rail



Our goals can never be achieved through evolution, only through revolution
-Shulamith Firestone               


be a woman    reality  with yr hand on the thigh of my eros  please her

as you ejact      spirituality from the real’s repression                       eating

yr fist     mother nature interior               keeps both earspressed    to the wall

with tiniest voice inside it                       the soft fall

of an old newspaper              yr only alive for part of this simulation once

be a woman      under flesh eating flowers     thought worms   attracted

to the glow-eyed`       who wait for no sunshine           be a woman   doom

doom   an accident     blackthorned   eglantine          loosely diagnostic

my heart is a fine hurtle over which you climb

as if   no one lived there

it is not             an alarming situation

            but a gross  abuse       of life  sex     power     we’ve met him

many times before                  be a woman    turning             turnt

ore of the most sweeping global paranoia     ruinous                fuckable

girlhoods         capsizing         (to get rid of the Earth    will be man’s

ultimate sexual domination)     be a woman    he wants it

to be a surprise prove he knows her worth  a   hand   in    mouth    the myths

as product       and their reproducibility inside me       for a fee

she’ll raise you a little erotic charge    a violent   pocket of time

be a woman    supposed not to be   a woman           deconstructing

deep optic fantasy      I am a cunt in the earthbloodying pure heaven

a woman   composing unpower in the vaginal billfolds     of the cycle’s open secret

the silence is the folding action              of concealment        sex

on a dead thing        men there

be a woman


Mel Elberg is a queer poet interested in speculative feminisms and the effect of writing on our experience of time.

Source: two | The Brooklyn Rail

Alain de Botton in School of Life

Here is Albrecht Dürer, looking – as only children usually do – very closely at a clod of earth


The pioneers at making life feel longer in the way that counts are not dieticians, but artists. At its best, art is a tool that reminds us of how little we have fathomed and noticed. It re-introduces us to ordinary things and reopens our eyes to a latent beauty and interest in precisely those areas we had ceased to bother with. It helps us to recover some of the manic sensitivity we had as newborns.  – Alain de Botton

Source: How to lengthen your Life – The Book of LifeThe Book of Life

Time Intensive | FOP

bask in the light

and open medium

of time.

-from The Mastheads, 10.13.002107

Source: Time Intensive | FOP

Taking Nothing for Granted

You have to make peace with it all.

Source: Taking Nothing for Granted

Mary Ruefle, “I now wander the earth, a ghost, with no intent to…” | Mythology of Blue

I now wander the earth, a ghost, with no intent to write, but carrying a spark in my fingertips, which keeps me in a state of constant fibrillation, neither dead nor alive, a will-o’-the-wisp of stress, art, and the hours.

— Mary Ruefle, “A Minor Personal Matter”

Mythology of Blue : I now wander the earth, a ghost, with no intent to….

Anne Boyer — This Imaginary Half-Nothing: Time | Full Stop

This Imaginary Half-Nothing: Time | Full Stop.

Why Are So Many Female Writers Turning Their Novels Into Diaries? | The New Republic

Why Are So Many Female Writers Turning Their Novels Into Diaries? | The New Republic.