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Sydell Rosenberg’s Feather – Haiku Commentary

in a toyless cage
the parakeet discovers
a feather to twirl

Sydell Rosenberg (1929-1996)

Hiromi Inoue, translation into Japanese and calligraphy

Source: Sydell Rosenberg’s Feather – Haiku Commentary


Changing Iterations of Motherhood in Recent Lithuanian Poetry by Women | Versopolis

Tačiau buvo aišku – ji nekalba, kad

nepapasakotų kam nors ko nereikia,

ir kad mes išgyventume.

– Giedrė Kazlauskaitė

from “Silentium”


We began to understand – she remains silent

To avoid saying what doesn’t need to be said,

Keeping our lives safe.

–Giedrė Kazlauskaitė

[Translated by Rimas Užgiris]

On the other side of the spectrum, and yet part of the same cultural phenomenon, there is Giedrė Kazlauskaitė‘s poetic output. Born in 1980, and in contrast to the two poets discussed above, Kazlauskaitė is a well-established figure of Lithuanian literary life, author of five books, of which three are poetry collections that have won numerous literary awards. She is an editor of one of the major literary newspapers, Šiaurės Atėnai, openly gay and a mother of a daughter whom she brings up with her long-term female partner. Her poetic universe differs from the confessional writing characteristic of the collections discussed earlier in the article, in that it enjoys a strong intellectual and erudite quality, which is reflected in Kazlauskaitė’s formal literary success. Her first collection of poetry, Heterų dainos (Hetaera Songs), evokes the conflict between her sexuality and the desire for motherhood, as well as guilt for having made the transgressive decision to become a mother in the heteronormative society that is contemporary Lithuania. However, the collection of poems entitled Meninos, published in 2014, the same year as Pilipauskaitė-Butkienė’s debut book, features a very important poem, which can be read as a public coming out, entitled “Silentium.” It is a narrative poem telling the story of the poetic persona’s daughter’s delayed speech acquisition, and its rootedness in the secrecy of her homosexual relationship with the co-mother of the daughter. . . .

Source: Changing Iterations of Motherhood in Recent Lithuanian Poetry by Women | Versopolis

September and October 2017 – Otata

Bill Cooper

solar eclipse
a speck of water lettuce
on the frog’s eye


Gary Eaton

the secret life
of a saucer of milk
new moon


Jennifer Hambrick

summer heat
the 2 a.m. taste
of this screen


Jack Galmitz

She was old

and the dog’s leash
was long and leather.
e malamute in human years looked even older.
She bore out
as they got closer.
When I reached them
she stopped and I patted
her head, rubbed under her chin and along her mouth
that was dribbling.
I took a few steps
and when I turned around
I saw that she was bounding
a little.
at’s all it takes:
to be loved for a minute.


Valentina Meloni

from Nanita
copyright © 2017 Valentina Meloni


Il vento porterà via lontano queste
foglie, le lascerà cadere vicino a te.
Quando le prenderai nelle tue mani
ricorda di leggere le piccole poesie
scritte tra le nervature. Io sono lì.

The wind will carry away these leaves,
it will bring them close you.
When you take them in your hands
remember to read the little poems
written between ribs. There I am.


Otata 22

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Source: September and October 2017 – Otata

Butterfly Dream: Cliff’s Edge Haiku by Elliot Nicely – NeverEnding Story

Butterfly Dream: Cliff’s Edge Haiku by Elliot Nicely

Posted: 29 Sep 2017 05:01 AM PDT

English Original

where words fail pines along the cliff’s edge

Kokako, 22, 2015

Elliot Nicely

Chinese Translation (Traditional)


Chinese Translation (Simplified)


translation by Chen-ou Liu


Mist Haiku by Polona Oblak – NeverEnding Story: Butterfly Dream

moonlit hollow
a wisp of mist
where the deer lay

Merit Award, 2015 ITO EN

Polona Oblak

Chinese Translation (Traditional)


Chen-ou Liu, translation


Source: NeverEnding Story: Butterfly Dream: Mist Haiku by Polona Oblak

Tire Swing Tanka by H. Gene Murtha, NeverEnding Story: One Man’s Maple Moon

even now
decades later
I wait
on the tire swing
hanging in the elm

Biding Time: Selected Poems 2001-2013, 2013

H. Gene Murtha

Chinese Translation (Traditional)


translation by Chen-ou Liu

Source: NeverEnding Story: One Man’s Maple Moon: Tire Swing Tanka by H. Gene Murtha

Les Chercheuses de Poux par Arthur Rimbaud – Don Yorty

… My favorite poem by Rimbaud is innocent and sensual; and there are those who would call it repulsive. It’s all about a boy’s sexual […]

Source: Les Chercheuses de Poux par Arthur Rimbaud – Don Yorty