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For Printmaker, Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing | New Haven Independent

Greenier’s block print of a pair of Chuck Taylor Converse has served as Westville’s Artwalk Festival logo for the last 3 years.

For Printmaker, Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing | New Haven Independent.

HaiKube™ No. 1 by Donna Fleischer & Allan Greenier Newly Published by Useful Knowledge Press


a peony –

bull’s-eye of ants


– Donna Fleischer
   presence (UK)

HaiKube™ No. 1 is the first, in a projected set of nine haiku by Donna Fleischer, partnered with an original engraving by Allan Greenier. The publisher and editor of the useful knowledge press, New Haven, CT, Allan Greenier, selected nine poems to inspire  nine new engravings. The letterpress poem and engraving are imposed in a multi-faceted arrangement on Arches paper stock wrapping a lightweight cube composed of British paper Davey Boards. Each side measures  2 and  5/8 inches.

HaiKube™ No. 1 is $20.00. For ordering information please e-mail