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Fischio Amore Mio – Alessandro Alessandroni – vengodalmare

~~~~~~ in copertina Jan Debet

Source: Fischio Amore Mio – Alessandro Alessandroni – vengodalmare

two souls while blogging by Donna Fleischer – Realities & the Rituals of the Upside Down, A) Glimpse) Of) Press


two souls while blogging

“we can!” she writes to this other hemisphere where I am who — immediately distracted by that insurgence —
lets the coffee grow cold, drinks it anyway and feels warmth

blood pressures rise with apprehension of silence of pure wanting, wanting to be swallowed by that gorgeous everchanging ocean being,

don’t cry I cry to myself. think of Jabès, the moon,
how you dare to fall to love with her different continent without the popular nihilism of Wim Wenders, no; her Paul Celan.

Eight years blogging, painful and beautiful, the slopping of rheumatic waves on the pond when floating in despair
try to swim into the dark water, light one more match

#Occupy Wall Street erupts, I write / the lit match
/ sputters in dark water / long enough to / hear stone move / /

learn to swim-to-swim-through-to
what else is there? 2015, 2016, almost give up, a few times.
old age gravity-caves; 2017 what was it but a year? the new year, just begun,

2018. how many lights burn with uncharacteristically compiled manuscripts
a final push for immortality? Music. Every kind. tapping my foot, chairdancing.

she writes her voice through to me, when I surface the air is new. 2010 sent out my
light to the world in. Today, backstroke. She comes to Claude’s grave in my heart
takes my hand I feel again. Will I swim again? Freeze up into Fleur Jaeggy’s fictive ice? Ingeborg Bachmann’s fire poetry? She writes the path we are to take with the world.

Only the sea can hold both. Only the sea knows what is up, what is down

shard of
free will

the selfless shore swept
for this love poiësis
a humanlike ecstasis

for Marina

– Donna Fleischer

from Realities & the Rituals of the Upside Down
A) Glimpse) Of) Press, 2019, Athens, Dimitra Ioannou, editor

Piera Oppezzo e Alighiero Boetti – vengodalmare

* fotografata è la stanza di un albergo sul mare

da Una lucida disperazione
Piera Oppezzo

[…] non si tratta mai di scrivere una certa poesia ma di fare poesia. Questo fare poesia può avere un centro diverso nei diversi periodi, è comunque un centro che alimento e definisco – tolgo all’indistinto – scrivendo. E così posso quindi dire: niente mi ispira. Il poetico è un equivoco che detta sentimenti equivoci, sentimenti sentimentali… Scrivo per decisione di scrivere… È darmi questo compito che è stata una ispirazione […]

Piera Oppezzo

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Frame – vengodalmare

da 24 Frame – Abbas Kiarostami

Source: Frame – vengodalmare

Giornata internazionale del Jazz – Unesco – vengodalmare

— * le foto sono di Dennis Stuck per la Magnum Photos.

Source: Giornata internazionale del Jazz – Unesco – vengodalmare

haiku – vengodalmare


barely touch the meadow . . .
killing frost

Donna Fleischer

* in copertina
ph. Christian Bragg


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in Autumn Moon Haiku Journal

Donna Fleischer e Robert Chang Chien – vengodalmare


pulling the dark net
to his wee boat at dawn
September moon slips through

Donna Fleischer

ph. Robert Chang Chien

Haiku di Donna Fleischer


Source: Donna Fleischer e Robert Chang Chien – vengodalmare

Joy of missing out – Ana Božičević – vengodalmare

Locus solus

I remember as when we trusted each other
We hay the possibility of a tree
It was neat to vibe like a newly discovered god
Whose places of service
Had not been imagined yet
But we tried
We said disco wood
Friend bonfires
And it was easy to spot them in the night summer air
That gathered like the perfect soundtrack
I still hear
Piped in from a small wound
In the side of my mountain
When I’m happy I know I’m in a poem


da Joy of missing out –
Ana Božičević

Source: Joy of missing out – Ana Božičević – vengodalmare

Elvis Presley – Blue Moon – YouTube


(Where do the dreams go?) – Thomas Wolfe e Borderproject2017 | Vengodalmare, December 24, 2017

(Where do the dreams go?) – Thomas Wolfe e Borderproject2017 | Vengodalmare

two excerpts in Italian from Vengodalmare translated to a rudimentary English by Google Translate:

[..] There is nothing more instructive and joyful than immersion in a community of human beings of a completely different race, a race that respects, with whom you sympathize, of which you are proud even if you do not belong to them. The fullness of life of the Armenians, their rough affability, their noble working bones, the inexpressible distaste for any metaphysics and the wonderful familiarity with the world of real things – all this told me: you are still lucid, do not fear your time, do not get smart.
It will not have been because I was in the midst of a people celebrated for its fervid activity and yet lived based not on clocks of stations or public offices, but on the time of the sundials, like the one I saw in the ruins of Zvartnoc in the form of a wheel or a rose engraved in the stone? (Osip Mandelstam)

So, when all my soul will be
in the paradise of you
(in which only I understand
I grow and see)
the scaffolding of my body,
the bones, which are still with you,
the muscles, the strength, the veins,
that shape this house,
they will come back again.

from Angelo, look at the past –
Thomas Wolfe