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The Female Power of Carolee Schneemann | The Current | The Criterion Collection

Power is a male word based on male experience. Energy is a female word based on female creation and expression, that is contained, suppressed, repressed, and maimed by patriarchal structures and practices. Wherever I encounter power I replace it with energy. – Donna Fleischer

Source: The Female Power of Carolee Schneemann | The Current | The Criterion Collection

What Cyclists Need to Know About Trucks on Vimeo

The Junicho Video – Renku Book, 2015

Similar to an exquisite corpse, renku is composed as a counter-narrative according to a complex set of rules based on the structural devices of “link and shift”. In addition to many other parameters, the verses of a renku must travel through all four seasons, comment on love, and address both the moon and blossom.

– Eve Luckring

The Junicho Video – Renku Book, 2015

chincoteague – YouTube


Words and voices by Nada Gordon, translated idiolectically from a poem by Kimberly Lyons. Images from the 1942 version of The Jungle Book, The Magic Sword, and The Legends of Belly Dance (the dancer is the great Najwa Fouad). Sung to the tune of Pur Dicesti o Bocca Bella as sung by Cecilia Bartolli. This is my third movie, but I should say it’s really more like 1.5, coming in between the rather more epic Op.1 (“You Won’t Ever Learn”) and Op. 2 (the still-in-progress-at-the-time-of-this-writing “The Garden of Life”).


Nada Gordon’s Otohime

Time lapse video of a man building a log cabin from scratch


Over the course of several month, Shawn James built a log cabin all by himself in the wilderness of Canada.Once on site, I spent a month reassembling the cabin on a foundation of sand and gravel. Once the log walls . . .

Source: Time lapse video of a man building a log cabin from scratch

The Bardo • Heart of a Dog • Laurie Anderson


‘When the dead person walks into the sun, he sees no shadow; when he looks into a mirror he sees no reflection; when he steps out of the stream he has no footprints. In this way he learns that he is dead …’

—  Bardo Teachings
from  DF readings over many years

for the beloved dog cat, Claude

hinge (不思議)– friends of the pleistocene



. . . standing in the path of totality of a total solar eclipse. . . . We recall the elusive
shadow bands we glimpsed racing across the grass at our feet, seconds before the bright world around us tipped into deep twilight. . . the diffused filtering of the extreme Southern Illinois heat, humidity and light that occurred over 20 minutes leading up to totality. How strange and silvery our skin looked in those minutes. Instinctual awe kicked in as we got our first direct and bizarre glimpse of the force that fuels all life on Earth. – fop

FROM THE HINGE OF 002018 – fop