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hinge (不思議)– friends of the pleistocene



. . . standing in the path of totality of a total solar eclipse. . . . We recall the elusive
shadow bands we glimpsed racing across the grass at our feet, seconds before the bright world around us tipped into deep twilight. . . the diffused filtering of the extreme Southern Illinois heat, humidity and light that occurred over 20 minutes leading up to totality. How strange and silvery our skin looked in those minutes. Instinctual awe kicked in as we got our first direct and bizarre glimpse of the force that fuels all life on Earth. – fop

FROM THE HINGE OF 002018 – fop


Agostino e Giovanna on Vimeo

inni in vani

A view from the bottom of the watering hole

Here’s your tiny moment of zen for today. If you put a camera at the bottom of a bucket placed in the middle of a desert, several different kinds of animals will come to drink from it.Important note: “The swimmi

Source: A view from the bottom of the watering hole

Shunga sex and pleasure in Japanese art | The British Museum


Kitagawa Utamaro, Utamakura (Poem of the Pillow), 1788

Shunga sex and pleasure in Japanese art

William H. Gass & Michael Eastman: Abstractions Arrives

Hillary Clinton dismisses Benghazi ‘conspiracy theories’ ahead of her testimony | CNN’s “State of the Union” Interview with Jake Tapper


Hillary Clinton Interviewed by Jake Tapper of CNN

Jonas Mekas – Screen Shot from On Luigi Porto from Mekas Diaries, Notes and Sketches

screen shot_Luigi Porto_Jonas Mekas

Jonas Mekas at A Longhouse Birdhouse

It’s all great but the video from which this screen shot derived is very beautiful with music, film, and poetry. – DF