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Today’s Haiku (January 16, 2020) | Blue Willow Haiku World (by Fay Aoyagi)

人が怖くて冬のブランコ漕ぎにゆく   叶 万里子

hito ga kowakute fuyu no buranko kogini yuku

I am afraid of people

And I go out to push

a winter swing

Mariko Kano

translation by Fay Aoyagi

from “Haiku-kai” (“Haiku World,” a monthly haiku magazine), February 2017 Issue,  Bungaku No Mori, Tokyo

Source: Today’s Haiku (January 16, 2020) | Blue Willow Haiku World (by Fay Aoyagi)

Tilting towards Change: Winter Solstice (Tea in the Dark #2) | FOP

digital still, from Tea in the Dark (winter solstice), 002019

Source: Tilting towards Change: Winter Solstice (Tea in the Dark #2) | FOP

noise & silence: Winter Prayers

Winter Prayers


  1. Prime: Walking to Work

Icicles that trapped the crow’s voice for weeks

have melted to nothing.

Two crows exchange oaks, scan the horizon.

Their eyes promise a night without stars.

  1. Sext: Cleaning the Grill

My god is a half-filled cup of cold coffee.

If I call home, will I answer the phone?

My god is a buzzing fluorescent light.

If I answer, what will I say?

My god is a rag of meat grease.

Will I tell myself anything that might help?

My god is the sound of a refrigerator, humming.

I hang up before it’s too late.

III.   Terce: Running the Cash Register

All the students are happy, talking,

heading home for Christmas.

Some won’t make it back, will find themselves

years from now on a freeway ramp

south of Chicago, watching snow fall, nothing

but snow in their pockets.

Crows will follow them wherever they go.

  1. None: Heading to the Bank

An old man steps carefully down the ice-sidewalk.

His skinny, brittle legs know

that everything in his briefcase doesn’t matter.

How do I know he won’t make it through the winter?

  1. Vespers: Walking Home

Another year ends

and what have I accomplished?

A solitary crow follows me home

with his stone-breaking call.

Old bread and bottles wash up from melting snow.

The bitter last meal of those

who believe you can always start over.

If you can, you’re an endless beginner.

If you can’t, you’re an endless fool.

  1. Nocturns: Four AM

Orange light through fog.

Streets quiet as blood

through the veins.


– Christien Gholson

Source: noise & silence: Winter Prayers

Today’s Haiku (February 22, 2019) | Blue Willow Haiku World (by Fay Aoyagi)

淋しくて海へと急ぐ冬の川 心道嶺美

sabishikute umi e to isogu fuyu no kawa

being sad

the winter river hurries

to the sea

Reimi Shindo

translation by Fay Aoyagi

from ‘Haidan,’ (‘Haiku Stage’) a monthly haiku magazine, February 2016 issue, Honami Shoten, Tokyo


Source: Today’s Haiku (February 22, 2019) | Blue Willow Haiku World (by Fay Aoyagi)

“Winter-Lull” by D. H. Lawrence


by D. H. Lawrence

Because of the silent snow, we are all hushed
Into awe.
No sound of guns, nor overhead no rushed
Vibration to draw
Our attention out of the void wherein we are crushed.


A crow floats past on level wings
Uninterrupted silence swings
Invisibly, inaudibly
To and fro in our misgivings.


We do not look at each other, we hide
Our daunted eyes.
White earth, and ruins, ourselves, and nothing beside.
It all belies
Our existence; we wait, and are still denied.


We are folded together, men and the snowy ground
Into nullity.
There is silence, only the silence, never a sound
Nor a verity
To assist us; disastrously silence-bound!

January 28 2018, Sunday Comic Strip

Source: January 28 2018, Sunday Comic Strip

A Kiss On Both Cheeks | Burn The Water


a kiss on both cheeks

by the station photo booth

ten years of winter


Paul Conneally

Source: A Kiss On Both Cheeks | Burn The Water