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On Lorine Niedecker’s “Foreclosure” [CCCR] – YouTube

The 2014 Lorine Niedecker Wisconsin Poetry Festival October 10 & 11. View the schedule of events at Friends of LN


Lorine Niedecker 2014 Wisconsin Poetry Festival Schedule

the passing of Phyllis Walsh, poet, editor, small press publisher : on September 4, 2012

Early morning messages today from Ce Rosenow telling of the passing of our mutual friend and small press pal, Phyllis Walsh. Phyllis was a poet, located in that long tradition of Wisconsin wholeness, so no surprise she regularly and dutifully also issued from there her haiku journalHummingbird. I hold them all, thanks to Phyllis. ~ Bob Arnold at  A Longhouse Birdhouse

Phyllis Walsh, poet, writer, and small press publisher and editor of “Hummingbird” , has died. Ce Rosenow, poet, publisher, and president of the Haiku Society of America, has noted. 

Phyllis Walsh championed the small poem, the small press, the work of Lorine Niedecker, and so many poets, I was one.

I loved Phyllis Walsh, as poet, writer, and editor. Her journal Hummingbird  is already legend. Her short poems in the chapbooks Center Stillness (Scythe Press, 1989) and River (Hummingbird Press, 1993) are visitations, proximal, light seared. Also, a rare fineness is her understanding of Lorine Niedecker, in Walsh’s book on the poet, Lorine Niedecker: Solitary Plover (Juniper Press, 1992).

Rest in peace in your center stillness, Phyllis Walsh.  Donna Fleischer

wild iris island





empty cove’s

resident egret remembered –

above, cloudless blue

Phyllis Walsh
from River

set in water patterns

lake center


Phyllis Walsh
from Center Stillness

A Brutal Night in Wisconsin / The Progressive

A Brutal Night in Wisconsin | The Progressive.

There Is Power In A Union – Pickers’ Local 608

~ Long Live Joe Hill!
Joe Hill by Joan Baez

Billy Wharton —General Strike: Because Wisconsin Needs More Than a Recall / New York

Billy Wharton Calls for a General Strike in Wisconsin

Call for a General Strike / Socialist Party USA

Shut Down Wisconsin

by Andrea Pason and Billy Wharton, co-chairs Socialist Party USA

March 9, 2011 – It has just been reported that Wisconsin Republicans have approved the provision in Governor Scott Walker’s Budget Repair Bill that strips public employees in Wisconsin of their collective bargaining rights.  Collective Bargaining is necessary to the functioning of trade unions and is a right that should be held by every worker in both the public and private sectors.  As socialists, we condemn Governor Scott Walker and the Republicans in Wisconsin.

We call on students, workers and all who are opposed to this decision to converge on Madison tomorrow to protest.  We support the resolution passed by the South Central Federation of Labor (Wisconsin) that calls for a general strike of all workers in the region.  We support the immediate formation of strike committees by all union and non-union workers in the state.  We support all acts of civil disobedience and non-compliance to protest and reverse this Bill.

Workers and students shut down Wisconsin!  As popular movements throughout the world claim their democratic rights, Walker and the Republicans have trampled on workers in Wisconsin.  By building on the spirit of Tahrir Square, Madison can be the site where a new militant worker’s movement is built.  Our democracy is not contained within the Assembly Houses and State Capitols; we build it in the streets!

For a General Strike of all Wisconsin Workers!

Kill the Bill!

Build Democracy in the Streets!


Get Organized! Contact the Socialist Party USA

Billy Bragg / Wisconsin

ust about to got onstage. Sending solidarity to the workers of Wisconsin from the dressing room of the Empire Music Hall in Belfast

Lorine Niedecker Poetry Wall / Friends of Lorine Niedecker

This poetry wall has been installed on the southeast corner of N. Main Street and Sherman Avenue in Fort Atkinson.

Jeremy Pinc is the artist who created the poetry mural. John Hutchinson is the owner of the building who is generously allowing us to use his wall. Funding for this project is being provided by the Fort Atkinson Community Foundation, the Wisconsin Arts Board and the Friends of Lorine Niedecker. ~ from Lorine Niedecker 1903 – 1970