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They’re Mad as Hell – The New York Times

“I don’t know, you get to a place when a switch flips. You tell yourself, ‘I’m done.

Toni Tunney

Sunday Poem | 3 Quarks Daily

Another Life

Women spend the afternoon squatting on the porch,
picking lice from each other’s hair.
They spend the evening feeding the little ones,
lulling them to sleep in the glow of the bottle lamp.
The rest of the night
they offer their back to be slapped and kicked by the men of the house
or sprawl half-naked on the hard wooden cot.
Crows and women greet the dawn together,
the women blowing into the oven to start the fire,
tapping on the back of the winnowing tray with five fingers
and, with two, picking out the stones.
Half their lives women pick stones from the rice.
All their lives stones pile up in their hearts,
no one there to touch them even with two fingers.

by Taslima Nasrin


Taslima Nasrin, an award-winning writer, physician, secular humanist and human rights activist, is known for her powerful writings on women oppression and unflinching criticism of religion, despite forced exile and multiple fatwas calling for her death.

Source: Sunday Poem | 3 Quarks Daily

Opinion | Elena Ferrante: A Power of Our Own – The New York Times

I’ve never been particularly swayed by the rhetorical formula “At last, a woman president!” — or prime minister, or Nobel winner, or any other position atop our current political or cultural hierarchies. The question is, rather: Within what culture, within what system of power, are women rising to the top?

Pressing changes are underway. Everything is becoming something else, unpredictably. A completely new outlook is required. The challenge for now and the foreseeable future is to extract ourselves from what men have engineered: a planet long on the edge of catastrophe. – Elena Ferrante

Joe Biden Expresses Regret to Anita Hill, but She Says ‘I’m Sorry’ Is Not Enough – The New York Times

Huey P. Newton, “The Women’s Liberation and Gay Liberation Movements” (1970) • BlackPast

Huey P. Newton

Source: Huey P. Newton, “The Women’s Liberation and Gay Liberation Movements” (1970) • BlackPast

Review: ‘My Brilliant Friend’ Is an Intimate Epic – The New York Times

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