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The Gnarly, Sassy Minimalism of Tom Doyle

“The Return of Tom Doyle,” Zürcher Gallery, New York, installation view: “Dowth” (2010), cherry, sassafras, 34 x 43 inches, and “Butternut Crossing” (1991), cherry, 38 x 38 x 17 inches (image courtesy of Zürcher Gallery, NY)

Doyle’s sculpture offers an opportunity to contemplate the beauty of pure form, but without a hint of nostalgia.

Source: The Gnarly, Sassy Minimalism of Tom Doyle

Stranieri – Francesco Sassetto – vengodalmare


Natale 2014 Dovrei smettere di fumare, ho due stent piantati nel cuore e il fumo fa male e anche questo mattino di luce imprecisa, andare e tornare ogni giorno uguale stanca e fa male. Accanto una …

Source: Stranieri – Francesco Sassetto – vengodalmare

A Longhouse Birdhouse: EARNED HERMITAGE ~

Letter To The Next Landowner


You won’t keep it up like we did

Not to worry — we did it for a half century


The stone hut, the sturdiest looking, will go first

I built it for our son — earth to earth


The house we re-built from ground to ridge

All the time it made the most perfect sense


A minister and his wife owned the house before we did

He not only sold us the house, he married us


The land was cut & mowed & planted & moved & loved

Every day of our lives, but don’t believe it


The land will tell you —

We are buried here


Our bones are the stones to be found

Wait for the wind

Bob Arnold


Source: A Longhouse Birdhouse: EARNED HERMITAGE ~

Louise Glück, excerpt from “Parados” | Mythology of Blue

Long ago, I was wounded.
I learned
to exist, in reaction,
out of touch
with the world: I’ll tell you
what I meant to be –
a device that listened.
Not inert: still.
A piece of wood. A stone.

Louise Glück, excerpt from “Parados”

Mythology of Blue : Long ago, I was wounded. I learned to exist, in….

Wood Prints with Bryan Nash Gill ⎢American Made Series ⎢ Martha Stewart

The sculptures and prints of trees by the late Bryan Nash Gill (1961 – 2013) are noble, as is the bristlecone pine, both at the origins of it all.  – DF

Bryan Nash Gill | Sculpture Magazine 2006

Woodcut, by Bryan Nash Gill | Book Review