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Dorothy Allison: Tender to the Bone – Guernica

Dorothy Allison, 2002.

The acclaimed author on working-class anger and the glory in literature.

Source: Dorothy Allison: Tender to the Bone – Guernica


Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin TRAILER | Sheffield Doc/Fest 2018 – YouTube

Mary Gordon & Glenda Jackson Talk Poetry, Theater and the State of Feminism – The New York Times

Ursula K. Le Guin, Acclaimed for Her Fantasy Fiction, Is Dead at 88

Kate Millett, Ground-Breaking Feminist Writer, Is Dead at 82 – The New York Times

“Patriarchy’s chief institution is the family,” she wrote. “It is both a mirror of and a connection with the larger society; a patriarchal unit within a patriarchal whole.”

She added: “As the fundamental instrument and the foundation unit of patriarchal society, the family and its roles are prototypical. Serving as an agent of the larger society, the family not only encourages its own members to adjust and conform, but acts as a unit in the government of the patriarchal state, which rules its citizens through its family heads.”

– Kate Millett, Sexual Politics

Dorothy Allison on Why Working-Class Literature Is the Strongest


The novelist and memoirist talks about growing up poor, her ’70s lesbian feminist collective, and meeting her obligations.

Source: Dorothy Allison on Why Working-Class Literature Is the Strongest

Teach Yourself Italian by JHUMPA LAHIRI | The New Yorker


Finding a new voice, in Italian.

Source: In Translation – The New Yorker