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A Lost Dystopian Masterpiece

This lean, disquieting novel, now out-of-print, is reminiscent of the work of Ann Quin and Anna Kavan’s “Ice.”

Source: A Lost Dystopian Masterpiece

Sarah Schulman’s Good Conflict

Photo: Ryan Pfluger

The world is consumed by violent fights and hostile disagreements. The author and activist sees a way out of them.

Source: Sarah Schulman’s Good Conflict

Arundhati Roy: “We Need a Reckoning” on Vimeo

Larry Kramer, Playwright and Outspoken AIDS Activist, Dies at 84 – The New York Times

“Faggots” [his first noveldrew a line between Mr. Kramer and a significant number of gay men, who saw him as an old-fashioned moralist or even a hysteric. In various forums well into the 1990s, he found himself called on to defend his point of view, which was essentially that gay men and lesbians had a diminished chance of living fulfilling lives or producing great art so long as they defined themselves primarily in terms of their sexual orientation.

He preached not only protected sex but also the virtues of affection, commitment and stability — arguments that anticipated the values of the movement for same-sex marriage.

r i p, nonviolent militant, practitioner of satyagraha, ACT UP! founder, beloved angry gay activist, playwright, writer, and ultimate humanist. – word pond

Cap Region Creatives: Marilyn McCabe – ACE

Marilyn is a published poet, living in Saratoga Springs. Her main creative outlet is poetry, sometimes making videos that blend her words with images and sound. She offers writing workshops in conjunction with the Hyde Collection and writes book reviews for the Adirondack Daily Enterprise. In this interview, Marilyn offers insight on what it means […]

Source: Cap Region Creatives: Marilyn McCabe – ACE

Interchange – The Unknown Knowns of Cultural Diplomacy – WFHB

Richard Wright (left) and fellow delegates at the First Congress of Black Writers and Artists, Paris, 1956.

For today’s episode producer Bella Bravo spoke with poet Juliana Spahr about her book, Du Bois’s Telegram: Literary Resistance and State Containment. This close study of how state interests have shaped contemporary U.S. literature was published by Harvard University Press in 2018.

In Du Bois’s Telegram, Spahr investigates the relationship between politics and art. Her research focuses on the institutional forces at work during three moments in U.S. literature that sought to defy political orthodoxies through challenging linguistic conventions: first, the avant-garde modernism of the early twentieth century; second, the resistance-movement writing of the 1960s and 1970s; and, finally, in the twenty-first century, the abundance of English-language works integrating languages other than English.


Source: Interchange – The Unknown Knowns of Cultural Diplomacy – WFHB

Feminize Your Canon: Eliot Bliss


The lesbian author of a radically anti-colonialist precursor to Jean Rhys’s “Wide Sargasso Sea” was only just barely rescued from complete obscurity

Source: Feminize Your Canon: Eliot Bliss

Toni Morrison: First Lady of Letters – The New York Times

Toni Morrison does not belong to black America. She doesn’t belong to white America. She is not “one of us.” She is all of us. She is not one nation. She is every nation. Her life is an instruction manual on how to be humble enough, small enough, tiny enough, gracious enough, heartful enough, big enough, to do what Ella Fitzgerald did at Harvard 37 years ago. To take an unknowing audience in the cradle of her hand and say, “I love you … and you … and you. …” To love someone. It’s the greatest democratic act imaginable. It’s the greatest novel ever written. Isn’t that why we read books in the first place?

James McBride

Dorothy Allison: Tender to the Bone – Guernica

Dorothy Allison, 2002.

The acclaimed author on working-class anger and the glory in literature.

Source: Dorothy Allison: Tender to the Bone – Guernica

Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin TRAILER | Sheffield Doc/Fest 2018 – YouTube