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Victim of Geography | IDFA

Doug Aubrey – 1999 – Victim of Geography shows the guerrilla of Europe: eco-warriors, squatters, peace marchers, radio pirates, soul surfers, drifters. The filmmakers make a tour from Glasgow to Sarajevo, Zagreb, Budapest, Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam, Northampton and Belgrade, and talk with young people who offer resistance to the establishment. We meet squatters in Amsterdam, Internetters in Zagreb and golfers in Berlin. The thread through the film is their strong commitment to the local community they are part of and at the same time the even greater need to escape from that environment. For example, the boy from Zagreb retires to the World Wide Web, where nobody needs a visa, and the eco-warrior and soul surfer tells about the waves, that are his compelling friends, but also need protection.

Source: Victim of Geography | IDFA

Croatia Quake Injures 17 Amid Partial Coronavirus Lockdown – NBC Boston

Fallen rubble smashes a parked car after a 5.3 magnitude earthquake hit Zagreb, Croatia on March 22, 2020. The quake struck the Croatian capital of Zagreb early Sunday morning and damaged several houses,..

Source: Croatia Quake Injures 17 Amid Partial Coronavirus Lockdown – NBC Boston

Melita Sabljo – Žuta / vox feminae

vox feminae – 21h Melita Sabljo.