Dear Friends, Colleagues, Nomads, and Outsiders:

Word pond is a curatorial content blog I build as one would a nest for wings and claws to take hold — on the intermediacies of eco-, geo-, and biopoetics, the weather, permaculture, photography, music, alternative media, visual arts, and poetry
(Japanese-derived and open forms), for which I have either written short essays and poems or curated media to share.

I set out on this journey in March 2010. The calendar didn’t say Spring, but the cold rain in the rootstocks and legions of robins knew otherwise. That March day, I had brought home my recitations and readings of Chaucer, the late Jane Reichhold’s “Basho The Complete Haiku” (Kodansha: Tokyo, 2008) and, French philosopher and semiologist, Roland Barthes’s “A Lover’s Discourse, Fragments” (Hill and Wang: NY, 1977, translated from the French by Richard Howard). To set out on a pilgrimage in the dark, cold rain is near to Barthes’s figuration: “To try to write love is to confront the muck of language: that region of hysteria where language is both too much and too little, excessive and impoverished.”

It is an exciting time to create in this way and is little different from what Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote in his preface to the 1851 edition of his Twice-Told Tales — that he was writing as a way to “open an intercourse with the world.”  So I begin mine.

Yours truly,
Donna Fleischer
March 2010
(revised for past tense 11.10.13; updated September 11, 2016)


A Shorter Bio

Donna Fleischer’s free verse, traditional and experimental haiku and haibun and poems of ekphrasis appear in anthologies and journals worldwide: A) Glimpse) Of), A Hundred Gourds, A Vast SkyAnnandale Dream GazetteArtisAsahi Shimbun, Autumn Moon Haiku JournalBack Room Live!, Beyond the Grave, Bones, bottle rockets, cattails, Contemporary Haibun Volumes 4 and 15, Contemporary Haibun Online, Cornell University Mann Library’s Daily Haiku, Dispatches From the Poetry Wars, Dreams Wander On, Esque, Exit Strata, Fiera Lingue, Frogpond, Haiku 2014, Haiku 2015, Hummingbird, is/letJournal of Renga & Renku volume 3, Kō, Lilliput Review, Mainichi Daily News, MayDay Magazine, Modern Haiku, moongarlic, Naugatuck River Review, #Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology, On Barcelona, OtataOtoliths, Peace Is a Haiku Song, Poets for Living Waters, Presence, roadrunner, Salamander Cove, Solitary Plover, South by Southeast, Spiral Orb, The Daily Art Source, The Marsh Hawk Press Review, The Operating System, tinywords, TRUCK, Under the Basho, Verse Osmosis, Wang Ping’s Kinship of Rivers, Wales Haiku Journal, We Are All Japan Anthology, Woven, and Zen Space. < Periodic Earth > (Casa de Cinco Hermanas Press, Pueblo, CO, 2016), is her fourth chapbook. Other chapbooks are with Longhouse Publishers and bottle rockets press. Fleischer’s earliest poems, for which she received the University of Hartford 1987 Creative Writing Award for Poetry, Virginia Hale, Ph.D. and George Michael Evica, Ph.D., judges, are collected in the self-produced, Intimate Boundaries (available from the poet).

Of Recent Note

In the House of the Hangman – Volume 3, John Bloomberg-Rissman, Laughing/Ouch/Cube /Publications, 2016, p.1613 appropriation from Donna Fleischer, in Bloomberg-Rissman’s own words on his In the House of the Hangman: “A marathon dance mix consisting of thousands of mashed up text and image samples, In the House of the Hangman tries to give a taste of what life is like there, where it is impolite to speak of the noose. It is the third part of the life project Zeitgeist Spam . . . . In the House of the Hangman – Volume 3

Four Reviews ~

Lee Gurga, the renowned poet and editor, wrote this of a haiku by Donna Fleischer:

” . . . I’d like to close with a haiku that is one of the most interesting in Haiku 2015. Here is, one line at a time:

dried up

earthworm ouro-

boros condom

Fascinating, isn’t it? I would probably have stopped here, with its images of nature
(dried up earthworm), mythology (ouroboros), and contemporary life (condom), and thought I had a great haiku. And it is. But the poet went beyond this, into another realm. The haiku finishes with a whiz-bang fourth line that, as you will see, literally closes the circle and engages directly with the Japanese tradition:

dried up
earthworm ouro-
boros condom

– Donna Fleischer

Haiku such as these are, I believe, contemporary English-language haiku at its best.”

– Lee Gurga

(Conference Presentation Paper by Lee Gurga at Boston University’s Center for Asian Studies, published in the journal International Japanese Literature Research Meeting Proceedings Issue 39 pp157 – 176, Issued 2016-03-17 by the National Literature Research Center ISSN ISSN 0387-7280. Format pdf. archived at the National Institute of Japanese Literature Repository and Boston University)
[Lee, Gurga. “シンポジウム Japanese Haiku and Contemporary English-Language Haiku.” In 国際日本文学研究集会会議録, no. 39, pp. 157-176. 2016.]

Author Marilyn Johnston reviews < Periodic Earth > at Snowflakes in a Blizzard
(Darrell Laurant, editor. 2017): “The heart’s concrete language has triumphed, also.
That’s how this book draws the reader in and does not let her go until the last word is spoken. That’s also why in countless readings, one never gets to the bottom of this book: It is a forged seamless unity, the speaker’s and the reader’s own territory of living imagination.”  – Marilyn Johnston
(Johnston is the author of two collections of poetry, Weight of the Angel and Silk Fist Songs (Antrim House Books). Her chapbook, Against Disappearance, won Finalist for the 2001 Poetry Prize from Redgreene Press. Her work has received six Pushcart Prize nominations and has appeared in many journals, including South Carolina Review, Worcester Review, and Poet Lore.)

The writer and musician, Chris Mansel, wrote in A Review of Periodic Earth The Daily Art Source: “By now I am used to reading Haiku by Ms Fleischer but she also writes poetry of the caliber that warrants an astute reading. They say a sure foot follows a familiar path only to find similar results, but if you want to vary and venture out, you’ll find yourself coming upon lines like the following which are written [in] the poem,

“This Mineral World: xiii. China Blue Sea”

She could teach archery
to a Chinese child and make the bow blue
into a fanciful sea encircling us three
No, I am a bone that was sawed in two
during her heart surgery

As Melville said in Moby Dick, ‘So omnipotent is art.’”  – Chris Mansel

(Chris Mansel is the author of While In Exile: The Savage Tale of Walter Seems, Interviews, Ashes of Thoreau, No Burden, Ahisma and Soddoma: The Cantos of Ulysses.)

Poet Charlie Mehrhoff wrote: “this frequented bookshelf here, less than three feet in length. T.C. McLuhan’s Touch the Earth. ’55 Leaves of Grass. The Lost Lunar Baedeker. Ring of Bone. The Tao Te Ching. The Thirteen Petalled Rose. Rumi. Blaga. Reznikoff. Perse. Char. Rimbaud. others . . . what moves me most. for what it’s worth, where indra’s net resides.”

(Charlie Mehrhoff is the author of over eight poetry books, including Complete With Tongue, Epictetus Press, available at SPD. His poems have appeared in Origin, The Sun, and Lilliput Review.)

Verse Osmosis: Poems and Translations by The Boiler House Poets, 2015 Tupelo Press – Mass MoCA Residency. 2017. Ann Dernier, editor. Available for purchase at Blurb.

Fleischer’s chapbook < Periodic Earth > has been published by Casa de Cinco Hermanas Press, Pueblo, CO, 2016, Kyle Laws, editor. August 2016. It may be purchased at Casa de Cinco Hermanas Press.

Her poetry has been awarded first prizes by the University of Hartford, the City of Nagoya Japan Board of Education, the Under the Basho 2014 International Haiku Competition, and South by Southeast Editors’ Choice Award, with honorable mentions from two Vancouver Cherry Blossom Haiku Invitationals, and Naugatuck River Review.

Fleischer is an Arts New England magazine contributing writer for the arts in Connecticut. [Somewhere Between Creation and Destruction by Donna Fleischer  See more at Art New England, Sept/Oct 2014].

Her poetry is housed in: the Japanese Museum of Haiku Literature, Tokyo; Poets House, NYC; University of Massachusetts Amherst DuBois Library; the Canadian Haiku Society; California State Library Haiku Archives at Sacramento; and The Haiku Foundation, Winchester, VA.

Fleischer’s essay, The Black Swans of Ellen Carey: Of Necessary Poetic Realities (2010, 2014), is based on the art works of Ellen Carey, the ground-breaking, lens-based artist. It is the print catalogue essay (Akus Gallery and Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic, CT, 2014) to the exhibition “Let There Be Light: The Black Swans of Ellen Carey”.

FIVE POEMS, written by Donna Fleischer, interrelating basketball, badminton, and baseball, are exhibited in LOCKER. ROOM. CULTURE. (Strategy, Play and Commentary in Sports and Art). This traveling exhibition, curated by Glenn LaVertu (The New School), who also wrote the catalogue essay, opened in 2015 at the Grimshaw-Gudewicz Art Gallery of Bristol Community College, Fall River, MA, and traveled to Central Connecticut State University, Samuel S. T. Chen Fine Arts Center, New Britain, CT that same year. Other exhibition artists include Sol LeWitt, Adrian Mangel, Frank J. Miles, Brendan Mulcahy, Kinga Wlodarska, and May Yao.

Legendary poet Sonia Sanchez honored Fleischer’s haiku with its inclusion in the 2013 anthology Peace Is A Haiku Song, where it joins the voices of Sonia Sanchez, Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, Toi Derricotte, Alice Walker, Frank Sherlock, Yolanda Wisher, Michael McClintock, Tyrone McDonald, Kala Ramesh, Penny Harter, and others. The book may be purchased at http://muralarts.org/content/peace-haiku-song-0.

The useful knowledge press (New Haven, CT) published HaiKube™ No. 1 (December 2014), the first in a projected set of nine three-dimensional haiku broadsides by Fleischer, partnered with an original engraving by Allan Greenier. The letterpress poem and engraving are imposed on a lightweight cube composed of British paper Davey Boards wrapped by Arches paper letterpressed on 3 sides with this haiku (Presence, Martin Lucas, editor. UK)

peony – / a bulls’-eye of ants / within

Each side measures 2 and 5/8 in. HaiKube™ No.1 is $20.00.

Email greenier.allan@gmail.com for ordering information.

Poets for Living Waters (Amy King, Heidi Lynn Staples, Wendy Babiak, editors.) “Creating venues for poetry in support of healthy ocean communities” since the 2010 Gulf of Mexico BP Oil Spill and Ecocide, published Mountain Meadow #71 in 2014 and other poems in 2010, including The Golden Scorpion.

Her haiku and tanka appear in the international poetry, prose, and art anthology, We Are All Japan (2012, Robert D. Wilson & Saša Važić, editors). This was a gift to the Japanese people as they began their struggle with the ongoing, devastating effects of The 2011 Tokyo Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Meltdown from which interminable radiation exposure has proved deadliest. A copy was presented to the Emperor and Empress of Japan and other copies were donated to libraries and schools in the affected towns.

Fleischer wrote the poem “a lit match sputters” in support of the #Occupy Wall Street Movement. It was published in The #Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology, (Stephen Boyer and Filip Marinovich, editors; 908 pages perfect-bound and printed by THE SOURCE UNLTD, East Village, NYC, 2011. The editors had solicited and compiled poems throughout and following the twelve-week, above-ground #Occupy Wall Street movement that began in the fall of 2011 in Zuccoti Park, New York City. The Anthology includes poems by Adrienne Rich, Jonathan Skinner, Charles Bernstein, Eileen Myles, Jared Stanley, Seamus Heaney, James Scully, Burt Kimmelman, Martin Espada, Stephen Collis, Wanda Coleman, Anselm Berrigan, CA Conrad, Ariana Reines, Edgar Garcia, Krystal Languell, Minnie Bruce Pratt, Lynne-DeSilva-Johnson, Samuel Ace, Vincent Katz, Kevin Killian, Sparrow, Danny Schechter, Donna Fleischer and so many others. Order a copy from THE SOURCE UNLTD, NYC and donate it to your local library: 212.473.7833 or thesourceunltd.com.


< Periodic Earth >. Casa de Cinco Hermanas Press, Pueblo, CO, 2016. It may be purchased at Casa de Cinco Hermanas Press.

Twinkle, Twinkle. Longhouse Publishers, Guilford, VT, 2010.

indra’s net. bottle rockets press, Wethersfield, CT. 2003. Out of print and available free to read at Scribd: http://www.scribd.com/doc/132231015/indra-s-net . The noted poet, Charlie Mehrhoff , wrote: “this frequented bookshelf here, less than three feet in length. T.C. McLuhan’s Touch the Earth. ’55 Leaves of Grass. The Lost Lunar Baedeker. Ring of Bone. The Tao Te Ching. The Thirteen Petalled Rose. Rumi. Blaga. Reznikoff. Perse. Char. Rimbaud. others . . . what moves me most. for what it’s worth, where indra’s net resides.”


Intimate Boundaries. Self-produced from film negatives, offset web and sheetfed presses, and perfect-bound, Hartford, CT 1991. This collection of the poet’s early poetry includes the six poems for which she received the University of Hartford 1987 Creative Writing Award for Poetry, Virginia Hale, Ph.D. and George Michael Evica, Ph.D., judges. It may be purchased from the poet.

Other Core Samplings

MayDay magazine, issue 10, winter 2016, published Fleischer’s epic poem, “November”.

Fiera Lingue published a set of seven new poems in 2011, honoring Donna Fleischer to be among “those poets I evaluate as representative of our times” (Anny Ballardini, editor, publisher).

Fleischer’s haiku featured daily throughout the month of June 2010 at The Cornell University Mann Library’s Daily Haiku (Tom Clausen, editor).

The popular blog of Lilliput ReviewIssa’s Untidy Hut, by Don Wentworth, editor of Lilliput Review and author of the poetry selections Past All Traps and Yield to the Willow, featured Fleischer’s essay, The American Haibun, and her poem, On Usedom.

Beginning in 2009 through 2014, Fleischer’s poetry regularly appeared at the CT Environmental News website (Christopher Zurcher, editor). CT Environmental Headlines is a daily, online index of environmentally-related newspaper and magazine articles relevant to Connecticut and proven invaluable to teachers, legislators, and eco-aware practitioners.

“Pink Slip”, a haibun, may be found in the rhizomatic magazine Exit Strata Print! Volume 2 (Brooklyn, 2013), as well as her essay “Field Notes from indra’s net and Pretty soon there’s my arm” in Exit Strata , and Fleischer’s haiku poetics at The Operating System; two poems“in the bare spindly tree” and “traffic cone” were published in Solitary Plover; and “tree shadows” came out in roadrunner. “Please Stand By” was published by esque magazine (Amy King, Ana Božičević, editors) in their third issue, REVOLUTIONesque (2012); and On Barcelona (Halvard Johnson, editor) published a haibun “kHyal’s Barcelona” (2012) and “cell’d”, a free verse poem.

Curtis Dunlap, poet and editor of Blogging Along Tobacco Road, featured Donna’s work in his interview, Three Questions

Contemporary Haibun Online published Kingdom of the Pansy.

Fleischer was assistant editor of bottle rockets, a journal of the small poem and of bottle rockets press anthologies and serial volumes from 2007 to 2013.

Feature readings include: Syllable: The Reading Series, at Little River Restoratives, Hartford, CT (August 2018); Charter Oak Readings, Charter Oak Cultural Center, Downtown Hartford, CT (May 2018); Celebrate Bloomfield!, Prosser Library, Bloomfield, CT (2018, 2017, 2016); Hartford Loves Poetry, Hartford Public Library, Downtown Hartford CT (2015); Infinite Well Poetry Series, New Haven, CT (2014); The New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, CT (2013 & 2011); Capital Community College, Hartford, CT (2013); Forbes Library, Northampton MA (2013); WordForge Reading Series at Billings Forge, Hartford, CT (2012, 2010); cell39 gallery, Ludlow, MA (2012); and Pegasus Gallery of Middlesex Community College, Middletown, CT (2011).

Fleischer is listed with Poets & WritersFiera Lingue, The Living Haiku Anthology, and The Haiku Foundation, which seeks to establish the importance of haiku “as a literary vehicle in the present and future”. She is a member of VIDA: Women in the Literary Arts and the United Haiku and Tanka Society.

Awards and Other Honors

“Cold sun” by Donna Fleischer received the Nagoya City, Japan Board of Education Award for Best Haiku. It was submitted by Dr. Kōko Katō, editor and publisher of Kō*, where it had appeared in  vol 28 no 4. She made the announcement with her commentary on the poem in the new issue of Kō vol 29 no 4, autumn-winter 2014.

The edited journal, Under the Basho, honored Donna Fleischer’s poem “late winter –” First Prize in its 2014 Under the Basho International Haiku Contest, that brought with it a $500 cash award and a print broadside.

“Night Shift”, 2014 Semi-Finalist, 5th Annual Naugatuck River Review Poetry Competition

Honourable Mention Recipient – earth day haiku and short essay by Donna Fleischer
, Vancouver Cherry Blossom 2013 Haiku Invitational

“Your Closet”, 2013 Semi-Finalist, 4th Annual Naugatuck River Review Poetry Contest

Recipient of the Merit 2011 Honorable Mention for best anthology, seed packets ~ Stanford M. Forrester, editor, Donna Fleischer, contributing editor. Seed Packets: An Anthology of Flower Haiku. Windsor, Connecticut: bottle rockets press, 2010. 5 x 6.5 inches,100 pages, perfectbound.ISBN 978-0-9792257-4-1.

Honourable Mention Recipient
Vancouver Cherry Blossom 2011 Haiku Invitational

South by Southeast Editors’ Choice Award for Haiku, 2010

University of Hartford 1987 Creative Writing Award for Poetry

Donna Fleischer and Lori Anderson Moseman read at Infinite Well, New Haven, CT  on April 26, 2014. “come to silence / come to language / the way it comes . . .’ with deep appreciation to Lori Anderson Moseman, Donna Fleischer, Christina O’Connor, and Infinite Well  for a beautiful, rainy reading to bring April to an intricate close,” wrote poet Katie Yates, afterwards.

From green tea and honey in a jar, adjacent viridescent walls, window seats, zafus, chairs, and wooden floor, poems became, from between the reading side and the listening side, responded Donna Fleischer.

“A Cat’s Footprints” was published by A Hundred Gourds 3:3 on June 1, 2014.

A Shisan Renku was composed on Skype by: Taro Kunugi, Japan; Kris Moon – sabaki, Japan; Donna Fleischer, Dennis Chibi Holmes, and William Sorlien, USA. (2013).

Anthology Print Publications

2017       Verse Osmosis Poems and Translations by The Boiler House Poets, 2015 Tupelo Press – Mass MoCA Residency. 2017. Blurb. Ann Dernier, editor. Available for purchase at Blurb.

2016       In the House of the Hangman – Volume 3, John Bloomberg-Rissman, Laughing/Ouch/Cube /Publications, 2016, p.1613 appropriation from Donna Fleischer
In the House of the Hangman – Volume 3

2016       Beyond the Grave: Afterlife Haiku, Robert Epstein, editor. Modern English Tanka Press.

2015        A Vast Sky, Tuttle Publishing, Bruce Ross, editor.

2015        HAIKU 2015, edited by Scott Metz and Lee Gurga, Modern Haiku Press, 2015, 100 notable haiku from 2014 selected by the editors of the award-winning Haiku 21.

2014        Contemporary Haibun, volume 15, Red Moon Press, Jim Kacian, editor.

2014        HAIKU 2014, edited by Scott Metz and Lee Gurga, Modern Haiku Press, 2014, 100 notable haiku from 2013 selected by the editors of the award-winning Haiku 21. Perfectbound, 110 pages.

2013       The haiku “private keep off” appears in Peace Is A Haiku Song (The City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, Sonia Sanchez and Yolanda Wisher, editors)

2013       Kamesan’s World Haiku Anthology on War, Violence and Human Rights Violation (Kamesan Books, Dimitar Anakiev, editor)

2012       The tanka, “American kid” and two haiku — “Samurai bones” and “Hototogisu” appear in We Are All Japan anthology (Alley Cat Books, ltd; Robert D. Wilson & Saša Važić, editors)

2012       “The Red Photogram”, a haibun, appears in Visions, Voices, and Verses, An Anthology of Poems of Ekphrasis, based on permanent art works in the New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, CT.  Exiles Press Colin Haskins, Andrea Barton, editors

2011       The #Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology. Stephen Boyer and Filip Marinovich, editors. THE SOURCE UNLTD, East Village, NYC, 2011

2011      Dreams Wander On, Contemporary Poems of Death Awareness. Robert Epstein, editor. Modern English Tanka Press. Baltimore

2011      Wang Ping’s Kinship of Rivers, Wang Ping, editor)

2010      seed packets, an anthology of flower haiku, bottle rockets press. Windsor, CT

2007      lanterns, a firefly anthology, bottle rockets press. Windsor, CT

2003      Contemporary Haibun Volume 4, Red Moon Press. Winchester, VA

2003       The Haiku Society of America (HSA) Members’ Anthology. NY, NY

2002      bits of itself, HSA Members’ Anthology. NY, NY

1995    Charter Oak Poets ii, A Poetry Anthology. Anthony Keller, editor. Charter Oak Cultural Center. Hartford, CT

1994    Wadsworth Atheneum New England Docents Catalogue.
Robert Saunders, editor. Hartford, CT

Print and Online Periodical Publications

1999 – the present:

A) Glimpse) Of), (Dimitra Ioannou, editor, Athens, Greece)

A Hundred Gourds 3:3 June 2014  (William Sorlien, Renku Editor)

Annandale Dream Gazette (Robert Kelly, Lynn Behrendt, editors)

Artis Magazine (Will Steigerwald, editor, Hartford, CT)

Asahi Shimbun Newspaper (Japan)

Autumn Moon Haiku Journal (Bruce Ross, editor)

Back Room Live ! (Valyntina Grenier, editor)

Blogging Along Tobacco Road (Curtis Dunlap, editor)

Bones (Alan Summers, Aditya Bahl, and Johannes S. H. Berg, editors)

bottle rockets (Stanford M. Forrester, editor)

cattails (United Haiku & Tanka Society editors)

Contemporary Haibun, Vols 4 and 15 (Red Moon Press, Jim Kacian, editor)

Contemporary Haibun Online (Jim Kacian, Bruce Ross, and Ken Jones, editors)

Dispatches From the Poetry Wars (Michael Boughn and Kent Johnson, editors)

esque magazine (Amy King and Ana Božičević, editors)

Fiera Lingue (Anny Ballardini, editor)

Frogpond (NY, NY)

Hummingbird (the late Phyllis Walsh, editor, Madison, WI)

Issa’s Untidy Hut (Don Wentworth, editor)

is/let (Scott Metz, editor)

Journal of Renga and Renku, volume 3 (Norman Darlington, editor)

Kinship of Rivers (Wang Ping, editor)

Kō (Dr. Kōko Katō, editor, Nagoya, Japan)

Lilliput Review (Don Wentworth, editor, Pittsburgh, PA)

MayDay Magazine (Okla Elliott, editor, New American Press, Milwaukee, WI))

Modern Haiku (Charles Trumbull, editor, Evanston, IL)

moongarlic (Brendan Slater and Sheila Windsor, editors)

Naugatuck River Review (Lori Desrosiers, editor, Westfield, MA)

On Barcelona (Halvard Johnson, editor)

Otata (John Martone, editor, Charleston, IL)

Otoliths (Mark Young, editor, Australia)

Poets for Living Waters (Amy King and Heidi Lynn Staples, editors)

Presence (Martin Lucas, editor, England)

Roadrunner (Scott Metz, editor)

Salamander Cove (Annie Wyndham, editor)

Solitary Plover  (Amy Lutzke, editor)

South by Southeast (Stephen Addis, Josh Hockensmith, editors, Midlothian, VA)

Spiral Orb (Eric Magrane, editor)

The Daily Art Source (Chris Mansel, editor)

The Journal newspaper, Bloomfield, CT Poetry Showcase, (Tom Nicotera, editor)

The Living Haiku Anthology (Don Baird and Sheila Windsor, co-editors)

The Mainichi Daily News (Japan)

The Marsh Hawk Press Review (Eileen R. Tabios, Guest Editor, NY)

The Operating System (formerly Exit Strata, Lynne Desilva-Johnson, editor)

tinywords ( d. f. tweney, editor)

TRUCK (Anny Ballardini, Guest Editor, November 2014 issue)

TRUCK (Eileen R. Tabios, Guest Editor, March 2015, issue)

Under the Basho (Don Baird and Kala Ramesh, co-editors)

Wales Haiku Journal (Paul Chambers, editor)

Zen Space (Marie Marshall, editor)

Feature and Group Readings

Syllable: The Reading Series, features poets and writers Tess Scriptunas, Donna Fleischer,
Danielle Bonanno, Andrew Altamirano, and alexandria hicks, with music by Lake Geneva, at Little River Restoratives, Capitol Avenue, Hartford, CT, on August 5, 2018, 7 pm.

The Charter Oak Readings – feature readings by Donna Fleischer and Leslie McGrath at the Charter Oak Cultural Center in Downtown Hartford, CT; hosted by poet, Jim Finnegan, creator of The Charter Oak Readings; May 6, 2018.

A Sampling of Bloomfield Poets – feature readings by Bloomfield poets, including Tom Nicotera, Marilyn Johnston, and Donna Fleischer, as part of Celebrate Bloomfield 2016! Prosser Public Library, June, 2016, 2017, 2018.

Naugatuck River Review issue 12 Launch Reading at Forbes Library, Northampton, MA, October 4, 2014.

Donna Fleischer and Lori Anderson Moseman read at Infinite Well, New Haven, CT, curated by Katie Yates and Christina O’Connor, on April 26, 2014.

Hartford Loves Poetry:  Among 24 presenters of poems in languages such as Quechua, Tamil, Mandarin, Bosnian, Hindi, Kenyang, Hebrew, Ukrainian, and Spanish, were poet Donna Fleischer who read three of her original poems in English, alternating with Bettina Viereck who read her translations of Fleischer’s poems into the German. Their readings can be found 23 minutes and 51 seconds into the two-and-a-half-hour video. April 19, 2014: HARTFORD LOVES POETRY with Bessy Reyna, Hartford Public Library, Downtown Hartford, in honor of multi-lingual poems and their English translations. (2015)

The New Britain Museum of American Art (NBMAA), “A Home of One’s Own”, a project in support of the New Britain Mayor’s Ten-Year Workplan to End Homelessness, sponsored and televised by the City of New Britain, the University Museum Community Collaborative, and the New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, CT (April 2013)

Release reading by winners of Winter 2014 contest issue of  the Naugatuck River Review, Forbes Library, Northampton,  MA, March 8, 2014.

National Arts Program Foundation 2013 22nd Annual Competition in collaboration with the Community Renewal Team and the Free Poets Collective, Poems of Ekphrasis, Hartford, CT (January 2013)

WordForge Reading Series, Hartford, CT, one of two featured readers (12.10.12)

Prosser Public Library, Wintonbury Branch, Bloomfield, CT, one of two featured readers (December, 2012)

The New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, CT (2012)

Forbes Library, Northampton, MA (2012)

Stephen Persing’s Art Note, UnRegular Radio Boston: The Red Photogram, a poem by Donna Fleischer (2011)

cell39 gallery, Indian Orchard, MA (2011)

Pegasus Gallery of Middlesex Community College, Middletown, CT (2010)

WordForge Reading Series at Billings Forge, Hartford, CT (2010)

Windsor Public Library, Windsor, CT (2009)

Prosser Public Library, Bloomfield, CT (2000)

Saint Joseph College, West Hartford, CT (1998)

MS Gallery, New Britain, CT (1996)

Artworks, Hartford, CT (1995)

Buttonwood Tree, Middletown, CT (1995)

Published Essays by Donna Fleischer

“An Altar of Sorts”, May 2018, my (small press) writing day, Rob McLennan, editor.

Earth Day, April 2014 essay on the writing of the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Haiku Invitational Honourable Mention poem by Donna Fleischer titled “earth day” at the request of the editor.

The Black Swans of Ellen Carey: Of Necessary Poetic Realities  (2010, 2014). This is the essay to the exhibition catalogue “Let There Be Light: The Black Swans of Ellen Carey” published by Akus Gallery and Eastern Connecticut State University. The catalogue in full is available for viewing, and the essay may be read in its entirety, by clicking on this link:  See the catalogue for the exhibit.

Poetry and Money (#7): Donna Fleischer | A 3-Question Interview, A Sample Poem, and Book List Feature, part of the 2014  “Money and Poetry” series originated by  poet Eileen R. Tabios.

“The American Haibun” by Donna Fleischer (Donna Fleischer © 2008, Lilliput Review, Don Wentworth, editor, 2011).

Broadsides of Poems by Donna Fleischer

useful knowledge press (New Haven, CT), in 2014, published HaiKube™ No. 1 — a 3-D broadside, with a haiku by Fleischer — peony – / a bulls’-eye of ants / within (Presence, Martin Lucas, editor, UK) — and an original engraving by Allan Greenier, letter-pressed and imposed on a lightweight cube composed of British paper Davey Boards wrapped by Arches paper. Each side measures 2 and 5/8 in.

The 2014 Under the Basho International Haiku Contest First Prize haiku “late winter –” by Donna Fleischer is embossed on a broadside depicting the classical Japanese poet Issa, seated beneath the willow tree of which he wrote, and with seal.

The haiku “rail cars stacked with wood” by Donna Fleischer, was ink-stamped and illustrated on recycled plastic by poet and artist Lily Brown, on January 17, 2011, in Athens Georgia (pressing on press, Heidi Lynn Staples, editor).

The haiku “fish clouds birds” by Donna Fleischer, 11 in. x 17 in. four-color process, was offset-printed on recycled, 100lb glossy stock (Connecticut River Coastal Conservation District, Inc., 2009).

Interviews with Donna Fleischer

“Donna Fleischer – Haibun: Three Questions” (Blogging Along Tobacco Road, Curtis Dunlap, editor, 2011)

“Donna Fleischer on Creativity” (Miriam’s Well, an online interview by writer, artist, and editor Miriam Sagan, 2013)


The poetry of Donna Fleischer is housed in: the Japanese Museum of Haiku Literature, Tokyo; Poets House, NYC; University of Massachusetts Amherst DuBois Library; the Canadian Haiku Society; California State Library Haiku Archives at Sacramento; The Haiku Foundation, Winchester, VA; The Haiku Foundation Digital Library; and the Jim Kacian Archival Library.

Literary Arts Exhibition

April 9 –30, 2011 — “UNTITLED: Graphic Books, Art Books, and Literary Art Illustrating a Diverse World”. Curated by Stephanie Elliott, Publicist, Wesleyan University Press. MAC650 gallery, Middletown, CT. three poetry chapbooks by Donna Fleischer on exhibit: Twinkle, Twinkle (Longhouse Publishers, 2010), indra’s net  (bottle rockets press, 2003), and Intimate Boundaries (self-produced, 1991).

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    • Becky
    • April 13th, 2010


    What a great list of links! You’ll keep me busy for some time to come….

    • Paul Conneally
    • September 20th, 2010

    Eclectic! Electric too! – Paul 🙂

    • Thank you Paul, for your exuberant responses. Makes a soul smile. What a pleasure to see you here on the wee word pond. all my best, Donna

    • Colleen
    • November 3rd, 2010

    Hi Donna
    I never knew anyone else who read Nathaniel Hawthorne, except Robert. So awesome. Isn’t he just fine to read? I love just absorbing one of his books and forgetting myself for a while. Taking in the stories, language, his imagination. I can’t believe the work actually exists and we can touch it and read it. Thank you for mentioning one of my favs. Warm thoughts. Col

    • I discovered Hawthorne in college through a great professor. Hawthorne could be dark as Poe yet turned toward the light. He wrote “twilight” or twilit stories, of that in between time we call dusk. That’s when reality and imagination hinge. He could be pragmatic as hell and as you say, incredibly imaginative. I read and re-read just about everything I could get my hands on. You and Robert must have had quite some discussions! warmly, Donna

    • Colleen
    • November 3rd, 2010

    I am going to share a poem with you if I can find it in my messy desk.

    • lyn
    • November 14th, 2010

    Submission: Original work of Lyn VanHassel

    Haiku Three birds

    A calico bird
    On a snowy windowsill
    Ruffled his feathers.

    A shadow passes
    (cold shiver in the morning)
    Across a sunlit wall.

    O little bird, you
    Fly so hard against the wind
    Pumping fragile wings.

    • Dear Lyn VanHassel:

      Greetings. Word Pond is in receipt of your haiku submission:

      Haiku Three birds A calico bird On a snowy windowsill Ruffled his feathers. A shadow passes (cold shiver in the morning) Across a sunlit wall. O little bird, you Fly so hard against the wind Pumping fragile wings.

      Word Pond is a curated blog, meaning it does not have a formalized editorial policy nor does it at this time accept unsolicited submissions. Upon reading your “Three birds” haiku, I admire your haiku spirit which is fresh and original, particularly in the middle poem, “A shadow passes”. I find this to be a stand out poem — the parentheses are unusal and so effective. If we were in a workshop together I would suggest the following tweaks:

      snowy windowsill – a calico bird’s ruffled feathers

      (I do find the use of “calico” overbearing because one associates it with cats, but this could be merely my own pet peeve.)

      I think the middle poem could lose the period at the end and the last poem as well. I very much like the last poem, “O little bird, you” . I like the way you address the bird and the line breaks are so fine.

      I wish to encourage you to continue writing and submitting. You could try the following haiku journals:

      bottle rockets Frogpond (the journal of the Haiku Society of America) Heron’s Nest (online) Hummingbird and Modern Haiku

      Thank you for sending your work to word pond. Your poems gave me much pleasure.

      Yours truly, Donna Fleischer for word pond

  1. Dear Donna, great blog! I just saw your comment on my blog now, I fear I haven’t figured out how to automatically get new comments emailed…In answer to your questions, yes, thank you so much! I am now following your blog on Facebook, and I would love to recommend it to my friends.

  2. hi dear donna !
    i am an iranian poet . your blog is so much nice and i am so happy for visiting it buy chance . i linked you to my poetry blog . if you do too it would be my pleasure .

    also iam so sorry for my bad engligh

    • Hosein Tavvafi: Unlike you I am not bilingual so I cannot read your poems or your blog. I list on word pond only those blogs that I myself use. Thank you. Sincerely, Donna

    • Brad Davis
    • April 15th, 2011

    The Matthew Shipp? Awesome. Made me think of the trio NERVE and that your readers might enjoy their energy/generativity. For three EPs (that make up their new LP, The Distance Between Zero and One) check out http://nerve.bandcamp.com. It’s live, improvisational music featuring world famous drummer Jojo Mayer + bassist + keyboard player. Though perhaps not music for meditation, it can certainly get one moving in the morning! Cheers.

  3. Thank you very much ! I read my haiku on your blog .

    Clelia Ifrim

  4. Good day,
    I would bother to invite you to rummage into the tin. (http://parolesemplici.wordpress.com/mytinbox/)

    I write with passion under the pseudonym of Jose Pascal and with great pleasure I invite you to visit the colletive writing blog “In simple words” and eventually publish /collaborate.

    I define blog as “a tin box where they are kept virtuaculturale thoughts, memories and simple stories.”

    To date, more than 100 friends / authors / contributors from all over the world have put their contributions into the italinglish tin box.

    Please extend the invitation to anyone you believe has a passion for writing and easy reading.

    Awaiting your response, I wish you a good life and I apologize if I disturbed.

  5. Don’t forget Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s the beckoning of lovely project where you can find the finale of her feature film project that ends today…11/11/11


    just an admirer,

    November chill
    a patch of ripples disappears

  6. Thank you Donna for posting my haiku “blue earth–” (Simply Haiku, Summer 2012).I am extremely delighted to go through your rich literary biography. Your blog is a gateway for mankind at large.

    Pravat, India

    e-mail: pravatkumar_padhy@rediffmail.com

    • Dear Pravat,

      Your “blue earth” haiku is extraordinary. A true gateway in consciousness. It shifts perspectives: the widest perspective shift occurs between outer and inner cosmos (planetary and cellular); and other perspective shifts involve human and cyborg, lunar and earthly, astrological and geological, cerebral and emotional; journalistic and poetic. It is an honor to know your poem. Thank you for writing. ~ Donna

  7. Can you cover this? leave me out of any “inspirational” notes.



    • Most glad, (and sad) to Willie. Thanks for sending this. – Donna


  8. Dear Donna, have you changed address mail? I can’t write you… I’m sad for this.
    A lot of kisses

  9. Donna,
    Your visionary expansive poetic trajectory is much admired.
    A joy to discover!
    Rochelle ( Rochelle Owens)

    • Dear Rochelle – your response is everything I could have hoped for when I began word pond in 2010. May I?, ditto your words to describe my experience of your poems & poetics in Jacket2 via Jerome Rothenberg’s poems & poetics, for they astonished me into becoming alive again while in cyberspace. yours, Donna

    • Dear Rochelle – your response is everything I could have hoped for when I began word pond in 2010. May I?, ditto your words to describe my experience of your poems & poetics in Jacket2 via Jerome Rothenberg’s poems & poetics, for they astonished me into becoming alive again while in cyberspace. yours, Donna

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