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otoliths 31 is here

Cometgeographies: Comet
Mark Young

otoliths issue thirty-one southern autumn, 2013

DailyHaiku – The Edited Journal of Contemporary Haiku


October 31, 2013

water lilies . . .
the blue breath
of the pond





DailyHaiku – The Edited Journal of Contemporary Haiku.

marlene mountain ii

being while female

–marlene mountain
oct 30 2013

marlene mountain

rusted my heart in the trowel

– marlene mountain
oct 2013

. . . Salma — an Indian Poet and Her Village / O / R Books


Everything happens so quickly

before I can feel it.

I keep trying to feel something

before it’s too late.

It all happens in my name

without me being there.

Flowers, people,

The world is so much bigger than me.

Should I carry on breathing

if I’m not really here?

– Salma

The Extraordinary Story of Salma / O/R Books

Salma — Filming a Poet in her Village

Tangents of Coexistence | FOP

Tangents of Coexistence | FOP.

Meet the Pacific Rim’s new environmental superpower – Quartz

Meet the Pacific Rim’s new environmental superpower – Quartz.

Zeitgeist Spam: RIP Lou Reed

Lou Reed – Dirty Boulevard

r i p  great-hearted one

a new pain, a tanka by Johannes S. H. Bjerg / NeverEnding Story

English Original

a new pain
in an old place
there is
no “I”
behind the mirror

Johannes S. H. Bjerg

Chinese Translation (Traditional)



Johannes S. H. Bjerg

Chen-ou Liu, translation




NeverEnding Story.