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Joan Baez / Dida

Joan Baez / Gracias a la Vida (Live)

Amy Winehouse / Valerie (Live Acoustic Version)

Amy Winehouse / Tears Dry on Their Own (Live)

Nina Simone / Feeling — Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival

From the Next Room

Sometimes I am in
another room of my self.
Closing a door
behind me,
Bending toward
the window light
the breathing of
big and little beings
sound their quiet gong before me

To them I bring
this throated gourd of language
offered to a wren’s nest
there, stitched into a tree

to an old woman’s forehead
tipped towards the ground
to a sudden skittering
of leaves
where there were none

to the weightless amber body
of a worker bee pinned in
the corner of this window screen
by dust, and
nudged by the plain

omniscient air, which
by itself
can make the mind wander
to your own weightlessness
to your pinned in native tongue
to your own eye
and the door knob at the center

My hand is on the door knob
It is not easy to make the turn
for both am I here and am I going
following the quiet bells of being
singing of almost anything at all

Donna Fleischer
Intimate Boundaries 1991

Neil Young / Philadelphia

PROOF, Current Exhibition / Catherine Edelman Gallery

El Arbolito Park, Quito, Equador (2002) Hiroshi Watanabe


Conference of the Birds — Stephen Cope’s Weekly Music Podcast


conference of the birds

Flora Purim / Love Reborn (from Butterfly Dreams 1973)