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Dinah Washington ‘Difference-complete TV segment – YouTube


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Poet Dionne Brand reads from Ossuaries – YouTube


The poem “ossuary viii”  may be read here in its entirety ~
Dionne Brand reads ossuary VIII

Thinking Like a Mountain | Issue 29 | n+1


Wataru Yamamoto, Drawing a Line. 2013. Courtesy of Yumiko Chiba Associates.


“The world has had many endings, in extinctions, ecological simplifications, and other catastrophes that people have hardly registered. The pace is quickening. An epoch of slow crisis, when the boundary between life and not-life continues to blur, will have many more endings, and those endings taken together better describe our situation than the one big ending of cinematic apocalypse. Much of what will disappear we have failed to understand, or neglected even to try to understand.” – Jedediah Purdy

Source: Thinking Like a Mountain | Issue 29 | n+1

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