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otata 25 January 2018

David Read

the head falls
off the snowman
new moon


Donna Fleischer

through tears
a blue and white



I greet the new year 2018 with otata 25, John Martone’s variegated, delightful poetry journal. Thank you, John, for including my poems with those by Paul Miller, Mark Young, Aditya Bahl, Lucia Cardillo, Tom Montag, Sonam Chhoki, and many more. – Donna Fleischer

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The Unseen World | George Monbiot

To be aware of the wonder and enchantment of the world, its astonishing creatures and complex interactions, and to be aware simultaneously of the remarkably rapid destruction of almost every living system, is to take on a burden of grief that is almost unbearable. This is what the great conservationist Aldo Leopold meant when he wrote that “one of the penalties of an ecological education is that one lives alone in a world of wounds.”  – The Unseen World | George Monbiot

Happy New Year 2018, Earl | MUTTS – December 31 2017, Sunday Comic Strip


Happy New Year 2018, Earl | MUTTS

The Poet’s Voice: Bhanu Kapil & Fred Moten | Woodberry Poetry Room – introduced by Jackie Wang

Anne Boyer Reads



© Maria Kourkouta


Patch of Bamboo Creates New Legal Thicket for Connecticut City – The New York Times


A thicket of bamboo growing outside a home in New London, Conn., has led to city officials criminally charging the homeowner, Carlos Carrion, under the city’s blight ordinance. CreditJessica Hill for The New York Times
 Life itself is diverse. We need more of both, particularly in cities. Tax payers need town council members and legislative committees to broaden and deepen their knowledge of ecology for less costly, more communal, and user-friendlier living spaces. Reading Jane Jacobs would be an excellent start. Two recent occurrences in the town of Bloomfield, CT are one of many mistakes that ought to have been prevented: a massive new apartment building has literally destroyed an old, lovely neighborhood and Niagra Bottling was allowed in town to bottle water from the Metropolitan District Commission supply underwritten by taxpayers, i.e., privatization.    – word pond

from “Surge” by Etel Adnan

from “Surge”

Etel Adnan


A long night I spent

thinking that reality was the story

of the human species

the vanquished search for the vanquished

Sounds come by, ruffling my soul

I sense space’s elasticity,

go on reading the books she wrote on the

wars she’s seen

Why do seasons who regularly follow

their appointed time, deny their kind of energy

to us?

why is winter followed by a few

more days of winter?

We came to transmit the shimmering

from which we came; to name it

we deal with a permanent voyage,

the becoming of that which itself had


The iPhone X | Daring Fireball

The iPhone X is not the work of an overcautious company. It’s a risk to so fundamentally change the most profitable platform in the world. But Apple is gambling on the taste of the team who lived with the iPhone X during its development. Ossification is a risk with a platform as popular and successful as the iPhone — fear of making unpopular changes can lead a platform vendor to make no significant changes. Another risk, though, is hubris — making changes just for the sake of making changes that show off how clever the folks at Apple still are.

After two months using an iPhone X, I’m convinced Apple succeeded. The iPhone X is a triumph, a delightful conceptual modernization of a ten-year-old platform that, prior to using the iPhone X, I didn’t think needed a modernization. Almost nothing7 about the iPhone X calls undue attention to its cleverness. It all just seems like the new normal, and it’s a lot of fun. – Daring Fireball

The Bardo • Heart of a Dog • Laurie Anderson


‘When the dead person walks into the sun, he sees no shadow; when he looks into a mirror he sees no reflection; when he steps out of the stream he has no footprints. In this way he learns that he is dead …’

—  Bardo Teachings
from  DF readings over many years

for the beloved dog cat, Claude