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From ‘Not in My Backyard’ to ‘Yes in My Backyard’ – The Atlantic

A condominium building in San FranciscoJEFF CHIU / AP

Out of a desire for more-equitable housing policy, some city dwellers have started allying with developers instead of opposing them.

Source: From ‘Not in My Backyard’ to ‘Yes in My Backyard’ – The Atlantic

carol – breakdown [1981] – YouTube

Giulia Tofana the Apothecary — The soundtrack to my departure from Ithaca, NY….

Pamela Z: Bone Music – YouTube

An Eight Foot Micro Vehicle Will Soon Make its Way onto European Streets | Colossal

— inspired by BMW’s “Isetta” design from the 1950s . . .

The Microlino, a front-loading super compact vehicle from Swiss mobility company Micro, has just been approved for European streets. The mini electric vehicle is smaller than a Smart Car, and comes with a rechargeable battery that works with any standard European electricity outlet. . . .


Source: An Eight Foot Micro Vehicle Will Soon Make its Way onto European Streets | Colossal

A Writer’s Act of Divination

Selah Saterstrom proposes that the act of divinatory reading and the reading of a text are interchangeable, that a text is far more than a sequence of sentences.

Source: A Writer’s Act of Divination

A Pioneering Thai Artist in America


Tang Chang, “Untitled” (c. 1975), oil on canvas, 81-7/8 x 96-7/16 in (208 x 245 cm) (courtesy of Thip Sae-tang)

Tang Chang’s first solo US retrospective veers away from the criteria of progress and linearity according to which Western art is typically evaluated.

Source: A Pioneering Thai Artist in America

A Pilgrimage to Art Brut’s Austrian Heart

Laila Bachtiar, “Birds-Finch” (2012) pencil on paper, 19.65 x 25.5 inches, Helmut Zambo Collection

An Austrian museum presents a wide-ranging survey of works made over almost 50 years by residents and other autodidacts associated with the Art Brut Center Gugging, near Vienna, entitled “gehirngefühl.! kunst aus gugging von 1970 bis zur gegenwart“. The exhibition’s mouthful of a title, with its quirky punctuation, translates into English as “brain feeling.! art from gugging from 1970 to the present” and takes its odd key phrase from a drawing by the Gugging artist Johann Garber (born 1947) showing an assortment of colored blobs labeled “DAS KLEINE FADE GEHIRNGEFÜHL” (“the small, dull brain feeling”). Scheduled for a long run, gehirngefühl.! will remain on view through April 11, 2021.

Source: A Pilgrimage to Art Brut’s Austrian Heart

Summer 2018 Solitary Plover

Atmospheric Conditions

by Donna Fleischer


stay a small hungry
to be on to


these sweetle
mostly free

daily things



yell  Ow,

green, and

blue oh blue




sky grasses,


curl of nautilus with

rhythm of tide

Solitary Plover Summer 2018

The Summer 2018 issue of the Solitary Plover is now available here.
In this issue:

  • Olsen School Poetry/Art project
  • 2018 Poetry Festival Schedules
  • Original Poetry
  • FOLN News

Source: Summer 2018 Solitary Plover

Readers for August 5 Syllable: A Reading Series

Donna Fleischer


Sunday, August 5th      Little River Restoratives, Hartford, CT       7:00 pm


Featuring poets and writers Tess Scriptunas, Donna Fleischer,
Danielle Bonanno, Andrew Altamirano, and alexandria hicks,
with music by Lake Geneva


Little River Restoratives
405 Capitol Ave.
Hartford, CT
(860) 403-0340

Source: Readers for August 5 Syllable Series | Syllable: A Reading Series