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Pablo Neruda: I want to talk with the pigs | TOM CLARK Oct 10, 2014

The only free pig in Iowa: photo by Philip Capper, 24 March 2005 TOM [ READ MORE ]

TUESDAY, 23 SEPTEMBER 2014 Robinson Jeffers: De Rerum Virtute | TOM CLARK

This magnificent blue iceberg was shot from a ship off the South Sandwich Islands in Antarctica. It’s a cathedral of ancient ice, with a little group of Adélie penguins and a prion perfectly positioned overhead. To catch the moment and frame it perfectly reveals skill, in this case, of a photographer in love with ice: [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

Dennis Cowals: Before the Pipeline (Near the End of the Dreamtime) | TOM CLARK

White female wolf (Canis lupus) in the Atigun Valley, Alaska. This wolf dens in the riverbank of the Atigun inside the main valley about five miles south of Galbraith Camp. She roams at least twenty miles a day in search of food, from the main valley den into the gorge and then back to the [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

WEDNESDAY, 23 JULY 2014 I am the bullets, the oranges and the memory: Mahmoud Darwish: Ahmad Al-Za’tar / Fadwa Tuqan: Hamza | TOM CLARK

Mahmoud Darwish: Ahmad Al-Za’tar For two hands, of stone and of thyme I dedicate this song. For Ahmad, forgotten between two butterflies The clouds are gone and have left me homeless, and The mountains have flung their mantles and concealed me From the oozing old wound to the contours of the land I descend, and [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

TOM CLARK: Charlie Walsh: The Health Story

  If you eat vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K and X ………………..for the rest of your life you will die. ……this is the value of poetry.  Charlie Walsh: The Health Story (Alternative Press bookmark, 1971) TOM CLARK: Charlie Walsh: The Health Story[ READ MORE ]

Robert Desnos: I Am a Shadow |TOM CLARK: Beyond the Pale

The Last Poem I’ve dreamed so much of you Walked so much Talked so much made love to your shadow So much that there’s nothing left of you What is left Of me is a shadow Among shadows but 100 Times more shadowy than the rest A shadow that will come To rest In your [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

TOM CLARK: Hard Freeze

Fruits gelats (Sant Gregori, Vall de Llémena, Catalunya): photo by Miquel Bohigas Costabella (desdibuix-miquel), 29 November 201 TOM CLARK: Hard Freeze[ READ MORE ]

TOM CLARK: Wrapped in cellophane and isolated from everything great

  Winchester Bay, Oregon: photo by Austin Granger, 24  October 2013 TOM CLARK: Wrapped in cellophane and isolated from everything great[ READ MORE ]

TOM CLARK: Whale Song

Fin Whale (Balaenoptera physalus), Ligurian Sea. Showing distinctive asymmetric coloration: photo by Tim Stenton, 8 July 2006 TOM CLARK: Whale Song[ READ MORE ]

TOM CLARK: “I should tolerate the closeness of 2-3 caterpillars”

Fennec Fox (Vulpes zerda) at night: image by Gerbil, 17 August 2008 TOM CLARK: “I should tolerate the closeness of 2-3 caterpillars&#[ READ MORE ]


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