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Looking forward to: the next season of The Great, feat. Gillian Anderson as Mother. –Laura Olin

☀ Today’s Poem: “Three Grapes” by Giovanni Pascoli

Three Grapes

Giovanni Pascoli
translated from the Italian by Geoffrey Brock

to Giacinto Stiavelli

Three grapes, Giacinto, grow upon these vines:
The first is pleasure, and is clear as air;
the next is sweet amnesia. Drink their wines,
but stop there,

because the third is sleep, in whose dark corner,
keeping a keen-eyed vigil (as you know),
sits grief. And loud is the mute cry the mourner
cried long ago.

I tre grappoli

a G.S.

Ha tre, Giacinto, grappoli la vite.
Bevi del primo il limpido piacere;
bevi dell’altro l’oblio breve e mite;
e…più non bere:

chè sonno è il terzo, e con lo sguardo acuto
nel nero sonno vigila, da un canto,
sappi, il dolore; e alto grida un muto
pianto già pianto.

from the book LAST DREAM / World Poetry Books

Source: ☀ Today’s Poem: “Three Grapes” Giovanni Pascoli

Mission & Background — American Mural Project



Source: Mission & Background — American Mural Project

“ … che sia per troppa gioia” – Francesco Tomada – vengodalmare


Source: “ … che sia per troppa gioia” – Francesco Tomada – vengodalmare

A Thousand Vowels – Poetry Daily

Shuri Kido

Translated from the Japanese by Tomoyuki Endo and Forrest Gander

A long slope.
The strong sun dipped, and finally sank.
No matter how long I walked, I stayed in “the middle of the road.”
The name torn into pieces.
Just keeping on, climbing higher and higher,
I’d completely forgotten the name.
The west wind shifts the typhoon’s course,
the world, for a few hours, is thrown into confusion.
You might name one thing after another,
but each loses its name in that same moment.
Into what we call “nature.”
I stood in the middle of nature.
And something was missing, the natural was
draped in a thin shroud.
Vowels scattered,
the name went missing.
When once more the name “nature” was applied
to the desolate-as-ever landscape,
immediately, the name began to weather away.
What is still losing its name,
and what has already lost its name,
those two strands entwine
around the true name.
Those who have wings stay put,
howling out their condition over and over,
“How fragile we are!”
though no one hears them.
Thousands of ripples tell
a story of benthic anguish.
The ripples beach themselves
on the name of each anguish,
vowels scatter by the thousands
over the earth.
from the journal HARVARD REVIEW

Source: A Thousand Vowels – Poetry Daily

hiromi suzuki microjournal


Source: hiromi suzuki microjournal

hiromi suzuki microjournal — ✥ station de métro © GIF Poetry by hiromi suzuki,…