otata 44 (August, 2019)

Joseph Salvatore Aversano


all wordbursts aerosoled

in the way the
linens billow

out from
the lines

 Giuliana Ravaglia

fammi sognare una bionda farfalla:
sarò l’estate

let me dream of a blonde butterfly:
I will be summer


Stefano d’Andrea

luna improvvisa
scintillante moneta
nel cupo viola

sudden moon
a shimmering coin
in the deep purple

Roberta Beach Jacobson

winter squeak
of swing set
gone in spring

  1. Poems to savour for their imagery, originality and contrasting styles from four fine haikuists. Reading and re-reading them I felt in good company.



    • Paul – And by the time I reply to your comment with real gratitude, john martone has closed up his otata just as naturally as it began . . . i miss it very much. yr friend, Donna

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